Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1273 - Conspiracy Exposed (8)

Chapter 1273: Conspiracy Exposed (8)

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“Elder Yao Shu, I’m afraid that wouldn’t be appropriate.”

The few other west faction elders who came shortly after hastily persuaded Yao Shu after seeing his actions. “Hu Li is at the very least a disciple of the Heaven Roll and if you were to expel him, our academy would lose two geniuses all of a sudden.

“So what? Since I said to expel them, then he must be expelled. I will not let off anyone who humiliated my disciple!”

In this life, he owed Yao Mengqi too much and it was his neglect that resulted in his own daughter suffering all this harm. As such, how could he allow these people who harmed her to get away with it?

Hu Li, aren’t you siding with Yun Luofeng? Then there’s no need for you to continue staying as after all, my West Province Academy doesn’t need someone like you!

“Keke!” A sneer pierced through the atmosphere and entered everyone’s ears.

“I truly wonder when you obtained the right to call the shots at the West Province Academy.”

Xu Kong and the rest walked over from the back and he also had an angry expression. Only after seeing Yun Luofeng safe and sound did he relax.

Xue Ying bitterly laughed. She originally thought that after accepting a female disciple, she would definitely have more free time. However, who would have thought that Yun Luofeng was so good at causing trouble? During this period of time after taking Yun Luofeng in, there was no lack of commotion caused by her in the academy.

However, what could she do? Who asked Yun Luofeng to be her disciple?

Could it be she had to look on helplessly at these b*stards of the west faction bullying her?

“Are you honestly going to stop me from avenging my disciple?” Yao Shu’s eyes darkened. “This Yun Luofeng had committed an extremely evil crime. First, she tortured her own son and then injured Mengqi who wanted to protect the weak! Furthermore, she framed Mengqi of stealing and how could I bear with this? In any case, no matter who comes today, Yun Luofeng must die!”

After speaking, Yao Shu’s aura once again exploded with a bang and spread out. Under this heavy atmoshpere, some bodyguards were unable to breathe.

Very soon, Xue Ying walked to Yun Luofeng and a gentle smile surfaced on her face. “Feng’er, don’t be afraid. Your masters will protect you. Tell us what exactly is going on and we will definitely support you.”

Yun Luofeng did not speak but Xiao Mo who was standing on one side could no longer suppress his voice.

“It was Mengqi who wanted to seduce my daddy and she was injured by him. My mom and dad did not hit me and it was because she took a fancy to my daddy, so she seized the opportunity to strike up a conversation with him. However, she didn’t expect that my daddy would pay no attention to her so she took advantage and snuck into our residence.”

His words had explained all the happenings clearly.

A trace of shock flashed through Xue Ying’s eyes.

What caused her to be shocked was, Yun Luofeng really had a child?

What came shortly after was a stomach full of rage and her eyes turn cold while she looked towards Yao Shu. “Your disciple was driven by her sexual urges and even dared to try to seduce my disciple’s husband? Did she crave and lack for men to this extent? If she really wanted a man, there are so many disciples in the academy and someone would definitely be willing to roll on the bed with her.”

Usually, Xue Yin was very gentle and even Xu Kong and the others rarely saw her getting angry. However, she was clearly unable to suppress her rage right now and her words were also very vicious.

“Xue Yin!” Yao Shu bellowed, “You dare to humiliate Mengqi?”

Xue Ying sneered. “She was the one who committed shameless acts so how could you blame others for humiliating her?”

“Hahaha!” Yao Shu’s rage turned into a laugh, “Good, an elder from the east faction, indeed! It seems like all of you are determined to side with Yun Luofeng to the end! Since this is so, then we can only fight until a victor emerges!”

The west and west faction had been locked in constant strife for numerous years but had never had a complete falling-out. However, right now because of Yun Luofeng, the elders of these two factions completely stood on opposite sides.

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