Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1272 - Conspiracy Exposed (7)

Chapter 1272: Conspiracy Exposed (7)

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From the moment he crippled Yao Mengqi’s limbs, he had never regarded the West Province Academy of any importance.

Hu Li’s lips twitched and spoke helplessly, “You had better leave quickly. If not, it’ll be too late.”

The moment he finished speaking, someone surprise attacked from the rear with a powerful energy directly launched toward Yun Luofeng as he overflowed with anger.

Yun Xiao’s body flashed and he instantly stood before Yun Luofeng. His hands raised up without any unnecessary actions, merely holding out a fist. At the same time, his power gushed forth and struck back at everyone with a bang.

Yao Shu’s expression was extremely imposing as he coldly looked at Yun Xiao. “Who are you? The one I’m looking for is Yun Luofeng and unrelated people had better get lost!”

Yun Xiao was expressionless as his grim eyes coldly gazed at Yao Shu. His black-robes scattered without wind in his killing aura.

“Yun Luofeng!”

Yao Shu’s gaze shifted from Yun Xiao to Yun Luofeng as he clenched his teeth in anger. “So it was you who harmed my disciple! Since you’ve returned to the West Province Academy today, then I shall cripple your powers and let you kneel before my disciple for three months to let you have a taste of the suffering she endured!”

Thinking of his daughter who was lying on the bed, Yao Shu’s eyes were overflowing with rage, wishing he could dismember Yun Luofeng into thousand pieces.

“Your disciple…” a hoarse voice sounded from the side and the man’s expression was as callous as before without any expression, “was injured by me.”


Yao Shu’s rage once again surged forth and he coldly fixed his gaze on Yun Xiao. “Impossible, my disciple said that it was Yun Luofeng who harmed her, so it must definitely be her! She couldn’t beat my disciple and used this little kid as bait to deceive my disciple. As my disciple was kindhearted, she did not guard against this little kid in the slightest and so, fell into their trap.”

His expression that was as sharp as knife swept past Xiao Mo and the killing intent increased.

Xiao Mo laughed mockingly, “Your disciple clearly wanted to seduce my dad but my dad crippled her instead. However, she pushed the responsibility to my mom. Tsk tsk, in your mind, this sort of a woman is kindhearted?”

“Hmph!” Yao Shu snorted, “Don’t even think of framing my disciple. My disciple has numerous pursuers and it’s impossible for her to want to seduce this man. Hu Li was also her pursuer and she could have chosen Hu Li, so why would she have to find a man who has a wife?”


Hu Li nearly spat out, how was this related to him? Furthermore, when had he became one of Yao Mengqi’s pursuers without knowing it?

“So that’s the case?” Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes and looked towards Hu Li with a fake smile. “So it turns out you’re Yao Mengqi’s pursuer?”

“Cough cough!” Hu Li dryly coughed and shrugged his shoulders, “This is of no relation to me and I’ve never liked a woman like Yao Mengqi! Even if she were to give herself to me, I would never accept.”

“Hu Li!”

Seeing that someone dared to humiliate his own daughter, Yao Shu burned with rage. “What did you say? If you have the guts, repeat what you just said!”

“Did I not make myself clear? Even if Yao Mengqi were to give herself to me, I would not accept her.”

Hu Li had nothing to lose. At most he would leave the West Province Academy together with Yun Luofeng. He believed that staying alongside Yun Luofeng was better than staying here. Furthermore…

The east faction’s elders were Yun Luofeng’s masters and if they rushed over, Yun Luofeng might not necessarily be in danger.

“Good, it seems like all of you don’t wish to continue staying in this academy. Since that is so, then you are no longer our academy’s disciples from now on!” A cold glint flitted through Yao Shu’s eyes as he gnashed his teeth in anger!

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