Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1270 - Conspiracy Exposed (5)

Chapter 1270: Conspiracy Exposed (5)

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“Dean? The dean has left for so many years and do you think he’ll return?” Yao Shu slowly looked up and the killing intent in his eyes became increasingly dense. “Furthermore, Yun Luofeng attacking Mengqi was personally told to me by my disciple and she has never lied!”

Ling Hai fiercely flung his sleeves. “Even if it was really done by my disciple, then it must definitely be because your disciple has done something outrageous so don’t even think about shifting the blame! With me here, no one can chase my disciple away!”

After speaking, Ling Hai once again fiercely glared at Yao Shu as he turned and left in fury.

Gazing at his back as he left, Yao Shu’s eyes became more and more gloomy. “East faction! It seems like the east faction is not unrelated to Mengqi’s injuries! Do you think you can protect Yun Luofeng? What a joke, whoever I wish to kill can never live past tomorrow.”

The This isn Family in the Land of No Return.

In the luxurious and decoratively carved bed, a red bed curtain was lightly flowing along with the breeze and an alluring scene could be faintly seen from the bed.

Ji Jiutian was half reclined on the bed while his red robes were half-opened and revealed a jade-like chest. His appearance was extremely gorgeous with a red mark between his brows. His brows were lightly furrowed, looking unruly and domineering. Two exceedingly beautiful servant maids were kneeling on the bed and pounding his legs and an unusual atmosphere surrounded the entire room.

“My Lord.” At this moment, a servant maid’s voice could be heard, “Someone has come from the Seven Province Continent.”

Seven Province Continent?

The man lifted his brows. “Who?”

“Elder Feifan from the Western Province Academy.”

The servant maid originally assumed that she would be punished because she had disrupted the man. However, who knew that his extremely bewitching soft laughter would echo from the room.

“Seven Province Continent… It’s been some time since Yun Luofeng went there. Let him in.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

After speaking, the sound of the servant maid’s footsteps gradually retreated, and shortly after that, the door was pushed open by an aged hand.

Feifan hastily walked in from outside. Seeing the enchanting man on the bed, his expression was instantly showing his anguish.

“Dean, when will you return to the academy? The academy cannot be lacking a leader and it’s better that you return with me.”

The man’s laughter was like a sharp sword and shot towards Lin Feifan.

His fingers plucked a grape from the side, lightly pinching and bursting it. A cold glint streaked past his narrowed eyes.

“If the West Province Academy requires this lord to return and make decisions, what do I still need elders for?”

Lin Feifan’s voice paused, “Currently, the West Province Academy has been split into two factions, which is the west and east faction respectively. The elders in both factions are constantly arguing! Not only this, our internal problems have yet to be solved and another external trouble arose! It used to be that even the governor would show consideration for our West Province Academy, but once you disappeared the governor has disregarded our academy.”

The man once again indifferently plucked another grape. This time, he did not burst it as before but instead, elegantly placed it into his mouth.

“For the past many years, this lord only substituted for my good friend to take charge of your West Province Academy. This doesn’t mean that the academy can restrict me!”


Lin Feifan seemed as if he wanted to say something more but the man’s expression was gradually becoming impatient.

“This lord has helped him for so many years and it’s sufficient. You can return and there’s no need to find me in the Ji Family anymore.”

Lin Feifan helplessly sighed. He took a last glance at the enchanting man and bitterly smiled as he walked out.

“West Province…” Ji Jiutian’s fingers lightly touched his lips and his smile was extremely enchanting, “I should indeed make a trip to the West Province, but not necessarily to return to the academy!”

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