Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1269 - Conspiracy Exposed (4)

Chapter 1269: Conspiracy Exposed (4)

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After that, Yun Luofeng turned and walked out of the hall.

“Miss, please stay here and I’ll go out to send them off.” An Zihao recovered his senses and hastily followed them out.

Perhaps sensing him chasing her, Yun Luofeng stopped with her back to An Zihao as she spoke. “I know you’re definitely curious about Ji Fei’s real identity, but I will not reveal this to you. Knowing the truth wouldn’t be good for you. It’s sufficient if you use your whole life to protect her.”

An Zihao was not foolish. For Ji Fei’s tears to be used as a guiding drug, how could she be a normal child?

“I understand,” An Zihao did not continue questioning and seriously nodded, “I, An Zihao, will use my whole life to protect Miss’s safety. Even if I were to perish from protecting her, I will use my soul to continue safeguarding her. Whether we become rich or poor, and whether we live or die, it cannot hinder my determination!”

Yun Luofeng smiled and no longer said anything else. Her eyes looked towards the skies. “Yun Xiao, Xiao Mo, let’s go…”

Yun Xiao followed behind Yun Luofeng without speaking and his grim black eyes stared at her back. On his handsome face, his cold and detached look gradually dissipated.

Currently, Yun Luofeng who was currently rushing back clearly did not know that what awaited her after arriving in the academy was a violent commotion.

Within the west faction.

Yao Shu who was currently hearing his subordinate’s report had his attention diverted by a sudden furious shout. He furrowed his brows and a sharp glint flitted by in his eyes. Shortly after, he saw Ling Hai who was overflowing with rage rushing in and those guards were unable to block him regardless of how hard they tried.

“Yao Shu, get out!”

Ling Hai rushed to Yao Shu’s front and launched an attack without saying anything further. The instant Yao Shu evaded, an explosion sounded and a hole was bored through the wall behind him by Ling Hai’s punch.

Ling Hai’s fingers crackled from clenching. “Yao Shu, was it you who expelled Yun Luofeng from the academy and sent out men to kill her?”

Yao Shu sneered as his face revealed mocking, “Yun Luofeng is extremely ruthless. Firstly, she mistreated her own son and then she crippled my disciple’s limbs just because she went to stop her actions! I will definitely get even with her regarding this grudge!”

Ling Hai burst into loud laughter. “Yun Luofeng has a son? What joke are you cracking and where did her son come from? Are you harboring hard feelings because the east faction changed the hall master of the Punishment Hall, so you casually fabricated a reason to deal with Yun Luofeng?”

“Ling Hai, if you don’t believe it, you can ask around. Who doesn’t know Yun Luofeng has a son in the entire academy? However, what made me puzzled was, why are you so angry because of Yun Luofeng?”

That day, only a minority knew about the incident in the Punishment Hall and so Yao Shu did not know the relationship between Yun Luofeng and the east faction.

“Hmph!” Ling Hai snorted, “Yun Luofeng is my disciple and now, do you think I should meddle in her affairs? Let me tell you, it’s impossible to expel Yun Luofeng out of the academy! The east faction will never agree to it!”

“Yun Luofeng is your disciple?” Yao Shu narrowed her eyes and a dangerous glint streaked across, “That is to say, Yun Luofeng’s actions of that day were permitted by the east faction?”

“Utter rubbish!” Ling Hai directly abused roundly, “Who would care to attack your disciple? Clearly, you are framing us and for this matter, we shall wait for the dean to return! I will definitely make sure justice is served for Yun Luofeng!”

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