Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1267 - Conspiracy Exposed (2)

Chapter 1267: Conspiracy Exposed (2)

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Shan Min lowered her head and her hair was in a mess. A ridiculing smile also gradually curled on her lips.

“You are the sole successor of this Ji Family and as the brother, the Ji Family belongs to you after your little brother died. What is Feifei considered as? She’s only an adopted daughter and not truly someone from the Ji Family!”

“You…” The middle-aged man trembled.

Of course, his internal thoughts were the same as Shan Min, believing that the family head position in the Ji Family should be his. However, he was not so foolish as to reveal this before everyone, thus, he furiously berated, “Apologize to Feifei immediately!”

Shan Min snorted and turned away while disdain surfaced on her face.


Seeing that he was unable to persuade Shan Min, he quickly walked to Feifei and his palms lightly pressed on her shoulders.

“It’s your uncle’s fault that caused you to suffer grievances. You can rest assured that your uncle will definitely divorce this woman! Uncle has always loved you dearly and how could I possibly let you suffer such grievance?”

The little loli raised the corner of her lips and her huge bright eyes blinked. “If I want to take back everything belonging to my parents, will you give it to me?”

Awkwardness surfaced on the middle-aged man’s face. He then spoke sincerely, “Feifei, you’re too young and the position of the family head isn’t as simple as you think. Throughout the year, there was no lack of demanding work I had to take care of and how could I bear for you to toil? Therefore, you can still be the eldest young miss of the Ji Family and I can give you a position with no one above you but millions under you.”

The little loli naively inclined her head. “But, I’m not afraid of being tired. Can Uncle return the authority to me? This was left behind by my father and in addition, there’s brother Zihao assisting me by my side.”

The middle-aged man’s expression darkened as he glanced at An Zihao standing on one side and said, “Feifei, how can outsiders be more reliable than your family? Although An Zihao has followed you for so many years, he’s ultimately an outsider. If you let him assist you, isn’t it equivalent to gifting him the power?”

The little loli laughed. “Uncle, when I was outside this period of time, it was the outsider who used his life to protect me! Even if he had to become a coolie for others, he never let me miss a single meal! Comparatively speaking, my so-called family has always schemed against me and clung to my father’s assets and prevented me from inheriting!”

The middle-aged man’s expression gradually turned cold. “Feifei, stop causing a ruckus. Let’s return first, alright? After we return, Uncle will accompany you to have a chat.”

“No!” The little loli pushed his hands away and raised her head. She then articulated every single word clearly, with a pause in between. “I only want the Ji Family!”

What Yun Luofeng said was correct, kind humans would be bullied and kind horses would be ridden. She wished that she would no longer get bullied by others in the future and that required her to become stronger!

“Feifei!” The middle-aged man’s expression was somewhat unsightly. “The Ji Family was handed to me by your father and I have to take responsibility. If I were to hand Ji Family to you and if by any chance you were cheated, how am I supposed to account to your father?”

The little loli’s gaze was one of resolution. “No matter what you say, I must have the Ji Family!”

Looking at both of them striving against each other, Yun Luofeng’s eyes narrowed. “Yun Xiao, kill everyone who dares to stop Ji Fei from inheriting the Ji Family!”

After she spoke, the middle-aged man’s body suddenly trembled. He clenched his teeth and looked towards Yun Luofeng. “Aren’t you meddling too much? Why are you meddling in someone else’s domestic affairs?”

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