Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1266 - Conspiracy Exposed (1)

Chapter 1266: Conspiracy Exposed (1)

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Shan Min violently shuddered and could see those gazes of ridicule coming from the crowd.

“Rotten girl, you’re clearly sprouting rubbish. You better watch what you say or I’ll tear your mouth!”

The little loli snorted, “Just now, you used brother Zihao’s life to threaten me and force me to go along with your story. If I didn’t agree, you would end his life! It was brother Zihao who protected me at the expense of his own life during this period of time so that I could survive. For brother Zihao, I was helpless so I could only be manipulated by you!”

The crowd had already started pointing fingers at Shan Min. Those ridiculing expressions were like a thorn that ruthlessly pierced into her heart.

The little loli tightly gripped An Zihao’s hand as she continued speaking. “You said that I freeloaded in the Ji Family and since you’ve supported me for six years, I ought to sacrifice myself for the Ji Family!”

“Ji Fei!” Shan Min wanted to stop the little loli.

However, the little loli did not even spare her a glance and continued revealing her crimes.

“The Ji Family was established by my parents and I’m their adopted daughter, their only child! Yet, you considered me as an outsider and regarded both of yourselves as my parent’s closest family members. Not only that, you also said that everything of the Ji Family ought to be yours and I’m only someone who freeloaded in the Ji Family!”

The crowd on the streets could no longer continue just watching. Their criticizing voices came in great numbers, similar to a tide that was drowning Shan Min.

“To think the madam of the Ji Family could say such words. Tsk, we knew her for a long time without understanding her true nature! I had even assumed that she treated Ji Fei well.”

“Although Ji Fei is only an adopted daughter, she had been adopted by the previous family head and in the family genealogy, she is the rightful successor of the Ji Family. If it weren’t because of her young age, the previous head wouldn’t have passed the family rights to his brother on his deathbed!”

“Unfortunately, the previous family head wasn’t clear-sighted. Ji Fei suffered grievances in the Ji Family and was nearly sold to someone, plus she had been labeled as a freeloader. What was even more shameless was that they claimed the Ji Family had supported Ji Fei for six years? Tsk, it’s not as if they were the ones who supported her during those six years! Instead, it was the previous family head who personally raised his daughter!”

“All these years, this pair of shameless husband and wife had freeloaded in the Ji Family and enjoyed the favors that the Ji Family had brought them. However, the daughter’s parents only passed away for a year and they were about to sell her off to someone! I’ve seen people who were shameless, but not to such an extent!”

“Today, I’ve truly had my eyes opened…”

Saying all the words she wanted to say, Ji Fei felt relaxed. All these days of being unresigned and indignant, she had finally managed to reveal the truth to everyone.

Shan Min went soft and collapsed on the ground. Her face was pale with a layer of cold sweat.

“Shan Min!” The middle-aged man turned towards Shan Min in rage, “Is what she says the truth?”

Shan Min’s expression became increasingly pale and all of a sudden, she laughed with a sinister laugh.

“Is what I said incorrect? She is clearly freeloading in the Ji Family and since there is no Ji Family blood flowing inside her, she’s not considered part of our Family!” Shan Min’s hair was in a mess, seemingly looking like a madwoman, and her eyes had a worried radiance. “The Ji family is ours, and it can definitely not be given to Ji Fei that slut!”

“Shut up!”

At this point in time, Yun Xiao had already retracted his restraint, so the middle-aged man had run to Shan Min and fiercely slapped her face.

“Who allowed you to say this? Feifei is my brother’s sole daughter and you dare to say she’s a freeloader?”

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