Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1265 - Little Loli Abducted (10)

Chapter 1265: Little Loli Abducted (10)

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Holding a sword in his hands with blood flowing along the blade, two bodyguards had collapsed in a pool of blood behind An Zihao.

“Brother Zihao…”

The little loli’s expression changed from disbelief to surprise and her lips twitched while her tears nearly flowed down. After releasing a crying sound, she fiercely rammed into his embrace.

“Brother Zihao, they wanted to sell me to someone. I was so afraid, wuu wuu.”

Ever since she arrived in the Ji Family, she had always suppressed her emotions and only in the instant that she saw An Zihao did she allow her tears burst out. No matter how mature the little loli was, she was only a six-year-old child. How could it be possible that she wasn’t afraid?

An Zihao tightly hugged the little loli and closed his eyes to conceal his heartache.

“I’ve said before, no matter where you are, I will definitely find you!” He slowly released the little loli in his embrace and knelt down. His gaze steadily locked into her eyes that were filled with tears. “Miss, I’ll be your bodyguard forever.”

And a bodyguard’s duty was to safeguard the miss. Therefore, he would never abandon her for his entire life.

The little loli wiped her tears and a smile curled on her adorable face. “Brother Zihao, how did you get in? How could it be possible that those two let you in?”

“Miss, it’s not only me who came, Miss Yun is also here…”

Yun Luofeng?”

The little loli stared blankly and her eyes curved into crescent moons, while her smile was as brilliant as the sun.

“I knew that she would definitely come to save me.”

“How?” An Zihao was stumped for words, “How did you know?”

“Because… she taught me to kill!”

The little loli’s smile was very adorable. “The moment she taught me to kill, it meant she had accepted us.”

An Zihao smiled bitterly. In the end, he was the only one shocked by Yun Luofeng’s help but the Miss had already seen through everything…

“Let’s go, Miss Yun is still waiting for us outside.” An Zihao held the little loli’s hand and walked out of the room.

From this moment on, he would never let his Miss suffer any injuries!

On the streets outside of the Ji Family’s gates, numerous people had gathered and they were all shocked by Yun Xiao’s strength. At the same time, they felt puzzled by him coming to find trouble for the Ji Family.

Yun Luofeng spotted An Zihao and his master walking out from the courtyard and her expression finally relaxed. It seemed like the Ji Family hadn’t mistreated Ji Fei. Now she could be at ease…

“Feifei!” Seeing the little loli brought out by An Zihao, the middle-aged man’s expression changed, “In this current situation, you still intend to elope with An Zihao? By doing so, aren’t you letting your parents down?”

The little loli raised her head and looking at the middle-aged man, she spoke with a childish voice, “I did not elope with brother Zihao! It’s Aunt who accused us! Initially, she wanted to sell me to an old man to become a concubine. I rejected that, so she thought of putting me under house arrest. It was brother Zihao who got me out.”

The crowd was in a state of commotion!

During this period of time, everyone in the Longchang City thought that the little girl of Ji Family had eloped with a bodyguard, but seeing the situation right now, there seemed to be a hidden story.

“What nonsense are you sprouting?” Shan Min got furious as she fiercely glared at the little loli.

The little loli raised her head and look straight at her fierce gaze without fear.

“After you knew I escaped, you sent a hitman to silence me. However, someone came to you and offered a spiritual beast and a few million taels to purchase me. You agreed and abandoned the thought of killing me, and abducted me back to the Ji Family!”

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