Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1264 - Little Loli Abducted (9)

Chapter 1264: Little Loli Abducted (9)

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“An Zihao, Yun Xiao and I will settle the matters here. Go and get Ji Fei.

Yun Luofeng slowly looked at the middle-aged man and walked over. The wicked glint in her narrowed eyes became more prominent as she expressionlessly spoke.

“Okay.” An Zihao nodded and replied. Taking one last glance at Yun Luofeng, he walked past the middle-aged man into the Ji Estate.

The man beside Yun Luofeng was too powerful and his subordinates were definitely not his match.

“Men, arrest these people!” The middle-aged man waved his hands and coldly commanded.

In an instant, all the bodyguards unsheathed their weapons, attacking Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao from all directions.

“Settle them in one round,” Yun Luofeng yawned and lazily said.

“Okay.” Yun Xiao looked at her and revealed an indulgent smile. The instant he raised his head, his expression became grim and killing intention surged forth from his body.

When she said to settle them in one round, it did not mean these bodyguard, but everyone present. A gale abruptly arose as his black robes lightly flew. The man’s grim expression was similar to a killing god, without the care and concern he had towards Yun Luofeng.

The middle-aged man turned pale from shock. He wanted to retreat but it seemed as if a hand extended out from the ground and tightly grabbed his ankles.

“Family head, save me!”

Within this gale, Shan Min felt that she was about to be drawn into the skies. She tightly held onto the middle-aged man, seemingly grabbing at her last straw!

“Yun Xiao, refrain from killing them.”

After Yun Luofeng spoke, she sat to one side and used a ridiculing expression to look at these two who were struggling incessantly in the gale.


A force penetrated into their body and the middle-aged man felt that his internal organs had been crushed. He was in so much pain that his complexion turned ashen, yet he was unable to move even a step as he struggled on the ground.

Right now, he was similar to a live target that was unable to move and could only receive those berserk attacks…

Within the luxurious bedroom.

The little loli propped her cheek on her hand and she looked at the courtyard outside her room without blinking. Her huge bright eyes were filled with worry.

“I wonder if it’s true that brother Zihao is in their hands.” She lightly sighed.

Returning to the Ji Family, these people had guarded her strictly, not even letting her take a step outside her room so she did not have an opportunity to escape.

“An Zihao, you actually returned?!”

Suddenly, she heard a stern voice coming from outside and joy flashed through her huge bright eyes.

“Brother Zihao?” She hastily jumped down from her chair and ran towards the door.

However, the door had been locked by a metal chain, so she knocked hard on the door and anxiously asked, “Brother Zihao, is that you? Did you not fall into their hands? Have you returned to save me?”

However, no one replied to her outside the door…

The little loli’s heart gradually sank as her eyes were filled with disappointment. Could it be her own delusion she heard earlier and brother Zihao hadn’t actually come? She turned in disappointment but in that instant, the crisp sound of the metal chain getting chopped could be heard, causing her petite body to stiffen.

“Miss, I’ve come to take you away…”

Miss, I’ve come to take you away–

The little loli was somewhat unable to believe in her own ears. She tightly bit her lips and her body rigidly turned around.

Outside the door, An Zihao with his clothes stained with blood appeared before her.

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