Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1262 - Little Loli Abducted (7)

Chapter 1262: Little Loli Abducted (7)

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Ungrateful person?

Ji Fei sneered internally, Speaking of ungrateful, I think that description would be more fitting for you.

Although this middle-aged man seemed concerned about her, that was only because he had yet to completely control the Ji Family! If news of him mistreating his bother’s daughter were to spread out during this period, his reputation would suffer a sudden decline. Therefore, he would never let such a scene happen!

“Min’er, Feifei should be tired. Bring her back to rest and dress her up. I will never let my little brother’s daughter suffer any hardships!” The middle-aged man raised his head and looked at Shan Min as he unenthusiastically commanded.

“Family head, you can hand Feifei to me. I will treat her well.”

Shan Min revealed a faint smile as the sinister look in her eyes deepened. Thinking of the generous offer from those people, she could not even close her mouth from joy.

Longchang City.

On the flourishing streets, An Zihao stopped in his tracks. Looking at the man and woman standing beside him he said, “Young master Yun Xiao, Miss Yun, this is the Ji Family’s territory… The Ji Family has vast influence in this Longchang City and the family head has already reached a sage king-level cultivation!”

After speaking, An Zihao was very furious. “Before his death, the previous family head who was Miss’s father gave the current family head something to consume that allowed his strength to break through to sage king-level. Furthermore, he told him to take his place in taking care of Miss. Unexpectedly, the Ji Family mistreated her!”

After her parents passed away in an accident, the aunt and uncle seized the Ji Family’s assets and had even chased the sole daughter out of the family…

It was such a familiar scene.

Yun Luofeng’s heart suddenly clenched and a cold glint flashed through her downcast eyes. Previously in Huaxia, she had also experienced the same situation, and even until now she had yet to forget their faces…

“Let’s go, we will head to the Ji Family right now!”

Yun Luofeng slightly raised her devilish eyes while killing intent spread out from her body…

“Who are you?”

Outside the Ji Family’s gates, two bodyguards saw several people coming to look for trouble and their expressions instantly turned cold.

However, after they caught sight of An Zihao who followed behind them, their chilly expression turned into shock.

“An Zihao, how dare you return?!” One of the guards looked furious and hinted to his companion with his eyes as he said, “Rush back to inform the family head and the madam. Tell them… An Zihao has returned!”


That bodyguard turned and rushed into the courtyard. Soon after, a man and a woman leading a group of men walked out in haste. The man had a majestic look while his gaze was like a torch and the beauty beside him had a smile on her face. After seeing An Zihao standing by the doorway, killing intent emerged in her beautiful eyes.

“An Zihao!”

The middle-aged man gnashed his teeth. “An ungrateful bastard like you dares to return to my Ji Estate?”

“Ungrateful bastard?” An Zihao sneered, “Are you speaking about yourself?”

“Impudent!” The middle age man bellowed in rage, “A lowly bodyguard like you actually dares to speak such words to your lord? Who gave you such courage!”

An Zihao raised his handsome face and fearlessness could be seen across his face. “The position of the family head you have now was merely inherited from my lord! If it weren’t for him, you wouldn’t know where would you be starving without a roof over your head at this moment!”

“Keke!” The middle-aged man laughed from rage, “Speaking of my little brother, I’d like to get even with you. My brother has always treated you well and had even regarded you as his biological child. However, what did you do? You seduced his daughter and eloped with her! Feifei is only six years old so how could you bear to act in such a beastly manner to her?”

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