Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1261 - Little Loli Abducted (6)

Chapter 1261: Little Loli Abducted (6)

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“I’m your father’s sister-in-law and so what if I freeloaded in the Ji Family? After all, your father and my husband are biological brothers so who do you think you are? Just a wild girl that nobody knows where you were picked up from, and you’re clearly freeloading in the Ji Family!”

Shan Min snorted and her mocking gaze was directed at the little loli.

The little loli’s face became flushed red from anger. “On the genealogy, I’m the daughter of my parents!”

Hearing the little loli’s words, Shan Min faintly frowned. This little girl dared to speak to her in this way?

In the past within the Ji Family, other than the matter of making her become a concubine that had caused her resistance, Ji Fei had always complied with her orders and did not dare to rebel, not to even mention about fighting for her own benefit.

She had merely left for a few months and her temper became so stubborn?

“Ji Fei, I call the shots now in the Ji Family and everything here is managed by me. If I say that you freeloaded, then you’ve freeloaded! Furthermore, in my Ji Family, I do not intend to raise a person like you!”

The little loli snorted, “Currently, both brother Zihao and I are self-reliant while living outside, so why have you abducted me back here?”

“You lived in the Ji Family for six years so shouldn’t you do something for the family?” Shan Min narrowed her eyes, “That lord offered an extremely powerful spiritual beast and a few million taels to purchase you. For the Ji Family, you have to follow him!”

The little loli shivered. “Six years? My parents only died a year ago and you actually said you supported me for six years?”

She had seen people before who were shameless but she had never seen a person who was shameless to such a degree!

Shan Min sneered, “That was because your parents were too stupid to support a daughter for someone else and not ask for repayment! I don’t wish for the Ji Family to suffer losses. In those six years, everything you used and ate was paid for by the Ji Family. Even when you acknowledged a master and became a disciple, you had also relied on our connections! My Ji Family has supported you for so many years and now you have to do something for us!”

She repeatedly mentioned the Ji Family, clearly regarding herself as a Ji while the daughter of the previous Ji Family head was an outsider.

The little loli’s complexion was somewhat pale as her footsteps retreated. The moment she wanted to turn and run, an anxious footstep could be heard behind.

“Feifei, you’ve returned, you’ve really returned! Hurry and let uncle see if you’ve slimmed down during this period of time!” The middle-aged man walked up in quick steps and hugged the little loli while his face revealed joy. “Your father handed you to me before he passed away. If you were to meet any mishaps outside, how could I give an account to your father after death?”

Shan Min retracted her previous sinister look and walked to the middle-aged man side while smiling.

“Family head, you can rest assured now that Feifei has returned. In addition, she just admitted that she was tempted by An Zihao so she eloped with him! She’s aware of her wrongdoings and you shouldn’t blame her.” Shan Min turned towards Ji Fei and a cold glint flashed through her eyes. She then spoke with a crafty smile, “Feifei, am I right?”

Seeing the warning within Shan Min’s eyes, Ji Fei turned taciturn. She didn’t know if An Zihao had truly fallen into her hands. If he truly was in her hands, then An Zihao would definitely be in danger if she did not listen to her orders.

“As expected, it was An Zihao that ungrateful person!” The middle-aged man flared up, “At that time if my little brother had not saved him, he wouldn’t have survived to this day. Now, he even took away my brother’s daughter to elope! Feifei is only six years old. How could An Zihao commit such actions that are worse than a beast?”

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