Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1260 - Little Loli Abducted (5)

Chapter 1260: Little Loli Abducted (5)

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The bodyguard threw the sack on the ground and cupped his fists. “Madam, I’ve brought her back.”

“Very good!”

Shan Min slowly stood up in the pavilion and walked to the sack. She then raised her legs and fiercely trampled the person who was continuously struggling inside the sack as an eerie smile curled on her lips. “Run, why aren’t you running? Men, untie this sack. I want to see this little slut!”

As soon as her words fell, guards approached and untied the sack. A little head emerged from the sack and her huge bright eyes revealed stubbornness while she stared intently at these people before her.

“Little slut, how dare you glare at me?” Shan Min sneered and lifted the little loli from the ground as a ridiculing smile appeared. “I’ve said it before, even if you want to escape, or no matter how far you run to, I can still kill you! Originally I had given up on a little slut like you but I didn’t expect that someone would be willing to purchase you for a high price. You’ve been freeloading for so many years in my Ji Family so it’s time for you to earn something for me.”

She originally wanted to sell Ji Fei to an old man but who could have known that she would resist at the risk of her life and had escaped with An Zihao’s help?

For her, how could she let the family head know of her conduct and deeds?


She informed the family head that Ji Fei and the bodyguard had eloped!

Ji Fei was only six years old so how could the family head believe her words? Therefore, he had dispatched men to search for Ji Fei. Shan Min could not allow those people to locate her, so as a result, she had sent a hitman.

If it wasn’t because someone came to the Ji Family and offered to buy Ji Fei, she wouldn’t have given up on her plans to kill her!


There was a piece of cloth gagging Ji Fei so she could only release whimpering sounds.

Her eyes were filled with an unwillingness to be outdone as she fiercely glared at Shan Min.

“You still dare to glare at me?” The madam’s expression turned chilly. Lifting Ji Fei by her lapels, she said, “Ji Fei, I’m warning you. If the family head asks, you had better say that you eloped with An Zihao. If you dare to say anything else, An Zihao’s life will disappear because of your mistake.”

The little loli’s body stiffened and she tightly clenched her fists. Her expression was filled with flames of fury.

Shan Min had grasped her weakness and brother Zihao was her sole family right now in this world. She would never allow anyone to harm him!

“Men, loosen her bindings in case the family head notices any clues!” Shan Min sneered and expressionlessly ordered.

Two bodyguards went up and cut off the ropes on the little loli and took out the gag in her mouth. The little loli was finally able to breathe and her first sentence was to abuse them roundly.

“Who freeloaded in your Ji Family? My parents are the previous master and madam of the Ji Family and they had left tons of money for me. You siphoned away all of that yet you dare to say that I freeloaded? The ones who truly freeloaded was you!” The little loli tightly bit her lips.

The Ji Family was single-handedly established by her parents and in contrast, her uncle and aunt had relied on her parents for their livelihood. If it weren’t for her parents, they would definitely be living hand to mouth!

However, in the end, they had seized her parent’s assets and even dared to insult her as a freeloader?

“Your parents?” Shan Min sneered, “Although you have the Ji surname, is there any Ji Family blood in you? You’re merely a daughter your parents picked up since they were unable to conceive and according to reason, the Ji Family should be managed by his biological brother. Could it be that the Ji Family was to be given to an outsider like you rather than given to his biological brother?”

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