Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1259 - Little Loli Abducted (4)

Chapter 1259: Little Loli Abducted (4)

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“Since she has abandoned the thought of capturing Ji Fei to be a concubine and wanted to kill her, why is she trying to abduct her now and bring her back?” Yun Luofeng glanced at An Zihao and asked.

An Zihao shook his head. “I’m not sure! She was furious that the miss did not listen to her and thought that the miss would continue causing trouble for her even if she got married. So she decided to kill the miss… but I’m not sure why she changed her mind!”

“Are you sure it was Ji Family who abducted her and not just that Ji Fei lost her way?” Yun Luofeng continued asking.

An Zihao shook his head in certainty. “It was people from the Ji Family! It was definitely them. After I lost the miss, I asked around the surrounding people and they saw miss gagged and carried away. Furthermore, I picked up a token of the Ji Family on the road and so, I can be certain that it was definitely them!”

In this continent, everyone would be deterred by dangers and no one would meddle in someone else’s affairs. Even if they saw a little girl abducted in public, no one would stand out and speak up. Otherwise, if they were to anger those people, they themselves would suffer a calamity!

An Zihao’s expression became increasingly anxious. He could imagine exactly how frightened Miss must have been the instant she was abducted.

“It’s all because if my incapability!” An Zihao fiercely knocked his head, “I didn’t guard Miss well enough or otherwise, she wouldn’t have been abducted…”

“There’s no use blaming yourself right now, this matter is of pressing urgency and we should hurry and save Ji Fei!”

An Zihao pursed his lips. “Miss Yun, I was only trying my luck when I went looking for you and I thought you would reject me as before, but why have you chosen to help us this time?”

Yun Luofeng’s footsteps paused and she stopped. With her back facing An Zihao, she gazed at the skies before her.

“Yesterday while I was battling with Hu Li, although I had been buried in the ruins… I heard everything that happened in the battle stadium!”

An Zihao stared blankly as his gaze of astonishment looked at Yun Luofeng.

Initially, he thought that Yun Luofeng had perished in the arena and was caught up in grief. In addition, he heard Wang Mujing’s complacent laughter at that moment. With old and new grudges layered, it caused him to momentarily lose his usual rationality and fought with Wang Mujing as if his life depended on it.

Was it this incident that caused her to be willing to help them?

An Zihao’s actions were not of a huge significance but don’t forget, he wasn’t Wang Mujing’s match!

If Yun Luofeng wasn’t still alive, An Zihao would definitely have been beaten to death in the hands of Wang Mujing and his lackeys. For a moment, An Zihao had mixed feelings in his heart.

He also understood how foolish his actions of pestering Yun Luofeng were. This woman would never pity them because of their pestering and begging. It was simple to obtain her assistance and as long as they treated her sincerely, she would return their sincerity by a hundredfold.

“Thank you…” An Zihao sincerely expressed his thanks.

“You don’t have to thank me at this moment, there’s still time after I’ve saved Ji Fei.”

After speaking, Yun Luofeng’s figure flashed and very soon, appeared a hundred meters away …

An Zihao suppressed his internal emotions and hastily chased her.

Ji Family.

Within a high-raised pavilion in a courtyard, Shan Min was seat upright in the pavilion while elegantly enjoying her tea. At this moment, a bodyguard walked in from the courtyard carrying a sack on his shoulders. In that sack, there were sounds of continuous whimpering.

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