Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1258 - Little Loli Abducted (3)

Chapter 1258: Little Loli Abducted (3)

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Yao Mengqi’s pale face was filled with suffering.

“Father, her son has been taught by her to be an accomplice and I got in a dangerous situation because I wanted to help him. However, he used his innocent appearance to confuse me, and so I fell into Yun Luofeng’s hands. Not only did she cripple me, she even accused me of stealing! Honestly speaking, I haven’t done anything.”

Her voice was somewhat hoarse while her face was immersed in tears.

“However, her child cannot be blamed. If he did not obey her commands, she would definitely mistreat him again…”

“What?!” Yao Shu burned with rage and his hands slammed on the table while the veins on his face bulged.

“Father, I don’t want her to die too quickly. I want her to have a taste of the same suffering I’ve undergone.” A ruthless glint flashed through Yao Mengqi’s downcast eyes as her voice was hoarse.

“I’ll look find Yun Luofeng right now and get even with her!”

Yao Shu’s eyes darkened. He did not even have time to placate his own daughter as he rushed out rapidly.

Under the azure skies, the crowd had dispersed. Yun Luofeng had intended to bring Yun Xiao into her room when a sudden anxious voice called out.

“Miss Yun!” An Zihao ran over while staggering. His footsteps were very anxious as his voice contained a sobbing tone. “My Miss has gone missing!”

“Arale has gone missing?” Xiao Mo’s reaction was even more intense than Yun Luofeng. “Quick, let’s go and search for her!”

Yun Luofeng shot a glance at Xiao Mo before turning her gaze towards An Zihao.

“Tell me, what happened?”

An Zihao’s expression changed due to his anxiousness. “Just now the miss wanted to go out and play so I brought her out. Who knew she would disappear the moment I was distracted! If my guess isn’t wrong, those people there must have found the miss and abducted her! Miss Yun, I beg of you to save my miss. If you save her, I’ll slog my guts out for you!”

After speaking, An Zihao knelt on the ground and fiercely kowtowed. Very soon, his head became purple as blood flowed down. Yun Luofeng was already his last straw and he could only tightly grasp this chance. In this place, there was no one else who could help him other than Yun Luofeng.

“Let’s leave first and you can tell me the specifics while on the way.”

An Zihao raised his head and look at Yun Luofeng in disbelief. According to his understanding of Yun Luofeng, she had always stayed out of other people’s matters. For her to be willing to help was simply out of his expectations…

After Yun Luofeng and the rest left, only then did Yao Shu rush over to her cultivation room. However, he had been informed that Yun Luofeng and the rest had left the academy.

He was fuming with anger and had immediately issued a command to chase and kill Yun Luofeng, even if she was thousands of miles away!

“Miss Yun, my miss was previously adopted by the family head and his wife. However, her parents passed away not long after and the one currently in charge of the Ji Family is her uncle and his wife. Her aunt is the bad woman we’ve frequently spoken about. That bad woman has seized all of the Ji Family’s assets. Even the dowry the madam brought to the Ji Family had also fallen in her hands.”

On the road, An Zihao explained the whole course of the incident to Yun Luofeng. His expression contained anxiousness as worry could be seen across his whole face

“Seeing that the miss was adorable, that bad woman wanted to sell her to others as a concubine. However, my miss is only six years old, and isn’t letting her become a concubine forcing her down a dead end? Therefore I brought my miss to escape, and as a result, that woman dispatched a hit man to kill us in a rage.”

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