Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1251 - Crowd's Rage (6)

Chapter 1251: Crowd’s Rage (6)

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Ling Hai burst into laughter brimming with anger.

“Zuo Wen, you’re still trying to shirk your crimes at this moment?” He clenched his teeth and his merciless eyes stared at Zuo Wen, “You might as well quit being the hall master of the Punishment Hall, pack up your things and get lost!”

Zuo Wen’s mind was in a state of confusion, he couldn’t understand why Ling Hai was asking him to scram.

Was it just because he had tried to deal with Yun Luofeng?

“Elder Ling Hai…”

Zuo Wen wanted to continue defending himself, yet he saw that all the elders had already walked towards Yun Luofeng.

“My precious disciple, are you injured? Don’t worry, your masters will definitely take revenge for you!” When Ling Hai spoke, he turned back and looked at Zuo Wen.

Boom, rumble!

Zuo Wen felt that his mind had been struck by a sudden bolt of lightning as astonishment could be seen across his whole face.

Yun Luofeng was Ling Hai’s disciple…

This… were they trying to crack a joke with him?

How could this be?

However, what made Zuo Wen even more astonished is what followed after. As Ling Hai was asking about Yun Luofeng’s health, the other elders stared at him intensely.

“Feng’er, did Zuo Wen hurt you? If he did, all five of us will never let him leave.”

“In any case, you are our disciple and to think you had been bullied while we weren’t paying attention! Not only that, he even arrested you and took you to the Punishment Hall! If we do not avenge you, we would lose our face if this were to get out!”

The five elders got angrier as they spoke while their chilly gaze shot towards Zuo Wen.

Zuo Wen was completely stupefied. He thought that Yun Luofeng was at most Ling Hai’s disciple, but according to the current scenario, all five elders… were her masters?

Oh god, he had offended all the elders belonging to the east faction?

Wang Yizhi’s footsteps retreated and his expression was extremely pale. Turning with intentions to escape, a nightmare-like voice caused his body to stiffen at that moment.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Xu Kong expressionlessly looked at Wang Yizhi with indifference.

Wang Yizhi wiped the sweat on his forehead as he turned towards Xu Kong in a bootlicking manner. “Elder Xu Kong, this matter is not related to me and it was caused by my nephew. I beg of you to let me off. If I knew that Yun Luofeng was your disciple, I wouldn’t have dared to do this even if I had the courage!”

“Let you off?” Xu Kong sneered, “You’ve committed such a huge mistake so why should I let you off? From tomorrow onwards, I’ll let manager Jin assume control of the Punishment Hall and your crime shall be judged by him!”


Wang Yizhi’s legs weakened and he fell heavily to the floor. He understood that he no longer had any way out…

“Elder Xu Kong,” Zuo Wen clenched his teeth, “you want to remove me from my position but have the elders of the west faction agreed to this?”

Xu Kong looked at him with indifference. “Isn’t it alright if you hand in your resignation letter on your own accord?”

“Elder Xu Kong, what makes you think I will definitely hand in my resignation letter?” Zuo Wen tightly clenched his fists. If he left the academy, he would not have any better prospects. Therefore, he was absolutely unwilling to hand in his resignation letter!

Xu Kong raised his brow. “You can hand in your resignation on your own accord… or from tomorrow onward, everyone will know that you died suddenly from a heart attack! There are two pathways and you can choose which one to take!”

Zuo Wen swayed a few times and collapsed on the floor as he could no longer support himself. His expression was extremely pale while his despairing gaze stared at the elders before him.

Ling Hai rubbed his nose. It was the first time he noticed that Xu Kong was so two-faced. If Zuo Wen wanted to live, he could only hand in his resignation on his own accord, otherwise, Xu Kong wouldn’t mind killing him!

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