Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1249 - Crowd’s Rage (4)

Chapter 1249: Crowd's Rage (4)

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The young lady’s vicious eyes swept towards those two who were sent retreating as her gorgeous face was chilly.

“Yun Luofeng!” Zuo Wen stood up in anger. “Do you think I invited you to be a guest? I was merely tricking you here to the Punishment hall! After you arrive, you have no means of retreating and no one can save you!”

Yun Luofeng raised her hands, pulled the punishment chair made of metal to her side, and sat down. The back of her hand propped up her head as she devilishly smiled at Zuo Wen.

“Then do you think you are able to punish me?”

Languid, bewitching, wild, and arrogant…

There was no better description than these four words to describe the young lady.

Zuo Wen narrowed his eyes filled with anger. His palm heavily struck on the table and stood up in anger. “Yun Luofeng, then I’ll let you see in a moment if I am able to punish you…”

In an instant, the energy in Zuo Wen’s body surged forth and quickly rushed towards Yun Luofeng.


Mu Ran hastily rushed in from outside and saw Zuo Wen launching an attack at Yun Luofeng. His aged face was instantly furious as his body flickered and dashed to stand before Yun Luofeng, raising his hands to block Zuo Wen’s attack.


Two palms countered each other and Zuo Wen retreated a few steps while his expression instantly darkened.

“Mu Ran, I’d advise you not to meddle in other’s affairs!”

“Keke!” Mu Ran sneered and stood before Yun Luofeng. “This matter of today, I’ll definitely be meddling in it!”

Zuo Wen laughed grimly, “So you are going to shield this woman who committed a violent crime?”

Although it was the little loli who killed Wang Mujing, it was instigated by Yun Luofeng. Thus, Wang Yizhi had pushed all the responsibility on Yun Luofeng.

As for that little loli… Once Yun Luofeng died, wouldn’t it be up to him to deal with her?

“Zuo Wen, if it weren’t because Wang Mujin wanting to kill, he wouldn’t have been killed. There are cause and effect for everything and why should you blame this on Yun’er?” Mu Ran’s sleeves lightly flew and he had the air of an immortal. “In my opinion, we should just let this matter pass as she is not in the wrong.”

“Hmph!” Zuo Wen’s eyes revealed gloominess, “If it were to be spread out that I didn’t punish her, others would think that our West Province Academy is lawless! One has to pay with their lives for killing, regardless of whether she is in the Heaven Roll or Earth Roll!”

“Since you said that one had to pay with their lives for killing, then Wang Mujing who wanted to kill first isn’t in the wrong?” Mu Ran frowned as there were faint traces of anger in his heart.

“You said it was Wang Mujing who attacked first?” Zuo Wen coldly smiled. “Then is she dead? She and that little girl are still alive, so what right did they have to kill Wang Mujing?”

Mu Ran took a deep breath as he decided not to continue speaking nonsense with Zuo Wen and turned to look at Yun Luofeng. “Yun’er, leave first and I will help you settle this matter.”

Yun Luofeng wickedly smiled and lazily stood up from the chair. A smirk curled on her lips as she looked at Zuo Wen while seemingly smiling yet not smiling.

“Mu Ran wants to kill you.”

Mu Ran was stunned, as he looked at Yun Luofeng while failing to understand. Had he wanted to kill Zuo Wen? What was this about? When did he intend to kill Zuo Wen?

Yun Luofeng continued smiling as she spoke. “He had thoughts about killing you long ago.”

“Mu Ran, you’re good!” Zuo Wen furiously turned towards Mu Ran in agitation. “You actually wanted to kill me?! Then I shall kill you at this moment and then we’ll see if you are able to kill me!”


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