Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1248 - Crowd’s Rage (3)

Chapter 1248: Crowd's Rage (3)

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“Exactly who was it that dared to touch my disciple?!” A cold glint flashed through Xue Ying’s eyes as her tone was extremely chilly.

“Elder Xue Ying, Yun Luofeng has two friends in the academy and Wang Mujing assumed that Yun Luofeng had died in Hu Li’s hands, so he injured her friends. Yun Luofeng originally wanted to make Wang Mujing pay but who knew that he would grab her friend and use her life to threaten Yun Luofeng? Thus…”

Following on, the elderly man did not say much but the five elders had understood what happened.

“Hmph!” Ling Hai snorted, “That Wang Mujing can’t blame others when he’s the one looking for death. My disciple hasn’t done anything wrong. Was it those people from the Punishment Hall who came to settle accounts with my disciple?”

“That’s right.” The elderly man nodded. “People from the Punishment Hall are insisting responsibility on her side.”

“Wait,” Xue Ying frowned. “My disciple has defeated Hu Li and by right, she should have entered the Heaven Roll. Why did those from the Punishment Hall have the guts to find her?”

The elderly man looked carefully at the elders. “They said that the academy doesn’t acknowledge Miss Yun’s status!”


Ling Hai laughed wildly. “When did the Punishment hall call the shots in this academy?! I will make them pay the price for bullying my disciple!”


Ling Hai’s fist struck the wall and instantly a huge hole was revealed. Soon after, his figure rushed out in haste.

“We shall head over too!” Xue Ying’s beautiful eyes darkened. “After all, I have yet to die and someone had the guts to offend us? Those people from the Punishment Hall are too much!”

Just as the elderly man went to search for reinforcements, people from the Punishment Hall came looking for Yun Luofeng once again.

It was hall master Zuo Wen who came forth and perhaps because of Mu Ran and Hu Li, they did not forcefully arrest Yun Luofeng but instead invited her to come.

After Hu Li and Mu Ran heard the news, Yun Luofeng had already left together with the people from the Punishment hall.

Currently, within the Punishment hall that was filled with torture instruments, Zuo Wen was seated on a wooden black chair set high above everyone and his expression sternly swept towards the young lady below. He then spoke in a cold and deep voice, “Yun Luofeng, do you know your crimes?!”

The young lady seemed cold and had a wicked look. A smile curled on her gorgeous face and her body radiated laziness while slightly raising her eyes to look at Zuo Wen.

“The Punishment hall invited me here as a guest and this is how you treat your guests? To not even provide a chair?”

Zuo Wen’s eyes sank as he coldly said, “Yun Luofeng, what do you think the Punishment hall is? Let me tell you, today with me around, you can only live if I want you to and you must die if I ask you to!”

Yun Luofeng lazily smirked. “How many gifts did Wang Yizhi send you?”

Zuo Wen stared blankly and his face turned furious after being exposed. He then sternly shouted, “Yun Luofeng, the Punishment hall has always been impartial when handling matters! Not to mention you are currently not a Heaven Roll disciple yet, and even if you enter the Roll, I have the authority to punish you as long as you commit a mistake!”

The academy was a place where geniuses were paid attention to. Thus, as long as one entered the Heaven Roll, their authority would be above the hall masters. However, there was an exception…

And that was, the academy didn’t allow killing. Even the geniuses of Heaven Roll were not allowed to kill! If a genius of the Heaven Roll committed this mistake, the Punishment hall had the right to punish them!

“Men, arrest Yun Luofeng and use the branding iron to punish her!”


After Zuo Wen passed down the order, immediately there were two people going up, wanting to restrain Yun Luofeng. However, before they even managed to touch her, a trace of energy surged from her body and pushed them back.

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