Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1247 - Crowd’s Rage (2)

Chapter 1247: Crowd's Rage (2)

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“What happened?” Xu Kong’s expression sank, “What danger has Feng’er encountered?”

The elderly man carefully looked at the five elders. “Elders, not long ago, Miss Yun had returned. However, Wang Yizhi specifically found trouble for Miss Yun as revenge for his own nephew.”

Wang Yizhi?

It was that bastard again?

Ling Hai’s eyes surged forth with rage. “How did Wang Yizhi have the chance to cause trouble for my disciple? Didn’t I specially arrange him to be somewhere else?”

“This…” The elderly man wiped his sweat and continued, “I am unaware of what happened but Wang Yizhi’s school is the same as the one Miss Yun was in. He accused Miss Yun of not handing in a leave of absence, so he wanted to expel her from the academy. If Miss Yun did not wish to leave, she had to bear a hundred lashes from him.”

Ling Hai tightly clenched his fists and gnashed his teeth. “Wang Yizhi, you’re good. Who gave him the courage to hurt my disciple?”

Xue Ying and the others also stood up with anxious expressions. “What happened to Luofeng? Was she injured by Wang Yizhi?”

Wang Yizhi injured Yun Luofeng?

After the elderly man heard this sentence, he bitterly smiled. Yun Luofeng was a sage-level cultivator and what capability did Wang Yizhi have to injure her?

“Elders, please rest assured. Miss Yun was not injured. On the contrary, it was Wang Yizhi who was beaten up by her.” Having heard what was said, Xue Ying relaxed. She patted her chest and slowly breathed out.

“It’s good that she wasn’t injured. I was almost scared to death! Wang Yizhi this bastard is extremely daring. I’ll look for him later and make him pay!”

“What’s next?” Xu Kong continued asking.

“Wang Yizhi complained about Miss Yun to the Punishment Hall and they wanted to punish her. Hall master Mu Ran spoke up for Miss Yun, but regardless, those people from the Punishment Hall believed it was her fault! Alas, they came to a consensus that if Miss Yun could rush up to the Earth Roll in five days, they would let her off!”


Ling Hai who just sat down and had yet to take a sip of tea to calm himself had once again slammed the table after hearing his words.

“Rush up the Earth Roll in five days? That disciple of mine has great talent but unfortunately, she has yet to begin cultivating. Aren’t they making things difficult for her? By the way, you said that my disciple injured Wang Yizhi? From what I know he has sage-level cultivation, so how did my disciple manage to injure him?”

The elderly man once again wiped his forehead. “Miss Yun has already rushed up to the Earth Roll.”


Just as Ling Hai took a sip of tea, he spat it out after hearing the elderly man’s words.

Xu Kong who sat opposite of him was slightly more unfortunate to have his face getting spat on and his face was one of resentment.

“You said that Luofeng rushed up the Earth Roll?” Xue Ying stared blankly and asked in disbelief.

The elderly man nodded. “She rushed up the Earth Roll but the person she defeated was Hu Lin, who is the brother of Hu Li on the Heaven Roll.”

Xu Kong narrowed his eyes. “Was it that Hu Li wanted to avenge his brother and injured my disciple?”

Whoever harmed his disciple, he would never let them off!

“No,” The elderly man shook his head. “Hu Li went to challenge Miss Yun but he conceded defeat.”

Conceded defeat…

All the elders looked at each other in dismay while the shock in their eyes was plainly obvious.

Hu Li went to challenge Yun Luofeng, yet he conceded defeat? Could it be that Yun Luofeng’s strength was more powerful than Hu Li?

“Manager Jin, hurry up and complete the story. Exactly what had happened!” Xue Ying frown and continued asking.

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