Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1246 - Crowd’s Rage (1)

Chapter 1246: Crowd's Rage (1)

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“Brother Zihao, let’s go.” The little loli pursed her lips and her huge bright eyes once again looked toward Yun Luofeng. “I will remember your words and in the future I will not continue being weak.”

Taking one last glance at Yun Luofeng, she turned and supported An Zihao to leave, gradually disappearing from her sight.

“Do you need any help?” Mu Ran looked at Yun Luofeng and smiled bitterly.

“There’s no need.” Yun Luofeng lightly caressed her chin. A dangerous glint emerged in her narrowed eyes. “I can settle this myself.”

The elders in the academy were split into two factions and their offices were also divided into the east side and west side. The office of Xu Kong and the rest were the east sides of the academy.

Currently, a flustered figure appeared outside the elder’s office. Spotting the person guarding the door, he rushed over and spoke while panting. “Quickly inform the elders that something has happened!”

“Manager Jin, the elders are currently busy and they have passed down a command that they will not meet anyone!” The bodyguard guarding the door furrowed his brows and rejected the elderly man’s request.

The elderly man swiped the cold sweat on his forehead. “You had better inform the elders without delay, or otherwise it’ll be too late. Just pass on the message to the elders that something happened to Miss Yun!”

Seeing the elderly man’s flustered appearance, the bodyguard was silent for a moment and spoke. “I’ll inform the elders, but I can’t decide if they are willing to meet you or not…”

The atmosphere in the elders office was very grave and several elders were seated upright. Their expression was filled with helplessness and worry.

“Earlier on, people from the Province Estate had passed down a command to have everyone above sage-level cultivator encircle and annihilate the Ghost Emperor!” Xu Kong kneaded his forehead, “Reportedly, those who went previously have been completely annihilated by the Ghost Emperor.”

Ling Hai’s expression was unsightly. “We’re hard pressed because of that matter that happened recently yet someone feels that we are too idle. Besides, we don’t even know the Ghost Emperor’s strength. Isn’t it courting death if we send ourselves to his door?”

“Those elders in the west faction have agreed to it and there’s only us left, who have yet to make our decision. Xu Kong, I feel that we had better not get mixed in this muddy water.” Xue Ying’s brows furrowed as her fingers lightly tapped the table. “After all, the Ghost Emperor could escape after being hunted by so many people and even grow to such a stage. His strength must be beyond our imagination!”

“It would be good if the dean returned. Unfortunately, he has been away for so many years and his whereabouts are still unknown!”

All the elder’s expression became increasingly worried. During this period when the dean was away, there wasn’t even a person that could make decisions.


Suddenly, a voice could be heard outside the door, causing Xu Kong and the rest to frown.

“Did I say you’re not allowed to disturb us if there’s nothing important? Who allowed you in?” Xu Kong’s expression sank as he sternly scolded.

A layer of cold sweat appeared on the guard’s forehead. “Elders, it’s manager Jin who is seeking for an audience. He said… that Miss Yun is in danger.”


With a bang, Ling Hai’s fist fiercely smashed on the table and he stood up in anger. “My precious disciple met with danger? Who had such courage to dare to attack my disciple? Immediately send in manager Jin.”


After replying, the guard retreated and soon after, an elderly man rushed in through the door. In an instant, the gazes of all five elders fell on the elderly man.


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