Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1244 - Battle (9)

Chapter 1244: Battle (9)

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Wang Mujing fiercely clenched his teeth. He knew that Yun Luofeng would never let him off and so he had to strike first and gain the upper hand! Thinking of this, he lifted the dagger and ruthlessly struck towards the little loli’s chest…

The instant the dagger was about to pierce her chest, a powerful oppression attacked him from the front. It caused his hands to stiffen and they could no longer move forward in the slightest.

Suddenly, his eyes were filled with horror as he looked at Yun Luofeng with a pale face.

At this moment, Yun Luofeng had arrived before the little loli and her slender long fingers lightly caressed her jade-like tender face. While looking down at her she asked, “Does it hurt?”

The little loli shook her head and spoke in a childish voice. “It doesn’t hurt, compared to brother Zihao, it’s not painful.”

“Do you want to kill him?” Yun Luofeng continued asking.

The little loli stared blankly for a moment, looked at Wang Mujing who was deathly pale, and then nodded, “Yes, they bullied brother Zihao. I want to kill them!”

Her voice contained a childish tone yet it was extremely resolute.

“Alright, I’ll give you a sword, go and kill them!” Yun Luofeng handed the sword in her hands to the little loli. “Remember, you can never be lenient with people who bully you!”

The little loli hands trembled slightly as she took the sword from Yun Luofeng’s hand. She then turned and used the sharp end of the sword to pierce through Wang Mujing’s chest with force.


Wang Yizhi furiously shouted, “Yun Luofeng, all of you will receive judgment. You will definitely receive judgment!”


After Wang Yizhi spoke, the little loli’s sword had already pierced through Wang Mujing’s chest.

In that instant, she felt rejuvenated all over as she had never felt during these days. So it turns out that… killing an enemy is such a pleasurable sensation!

Wang Mujing opened his eyes wide in horror and his body gradually fell to the ground.

Earlier on he had wanted to dodge, but under Yun Luofeng’s oppression, he could not even move a finger. He could only look on helplessly at that sword radiating a cold glint as it pierced into his chest…

Within the arena, everyone was somewhat stupefied, never expecting that Yun Luofeng would actually dare to kill someone in public!

“If you are kind you will be bullied.” Yun Luofeng seemingly did not see those stupefied gazes and spoke while lowering her gaze, “If you don’t wish to be bullied, you can only get stronger!”

If you are kind you will be bullied…

The little loli nodded her head sensibly, “In the future, I will not be bullied by others anymore. I want to protect myself and brother Zihao.”

An Zihao was only her bodyguard but he had accompanied her for numerous years. In her heart, she had long regarded him as her family…

Hearing the little loli’s childish voice, An Zihao’s internal state of mind was somewhat complicated.

In his heart, his miss had always been naive and innocent, and he had never allowed her to be stressed about her livelihood. Even more so, he would never let her be in contact with the vicious side of people! No matter how much suffering or how tired he was, he had never let her suffer any hardships…

Thinking of it, was his thinking up until now a mistake?

What if one day he leaves the miss forever, would she who completely lacked any capability to survive be able to continue living on this continent?


Mu Ran bitterly smiled. “This girl’s temper is as intense what Chen Yuqing said, not willing to suffer the slightest grievance! Furthermore, she was actually educating a little girl to kill.”

“Keke,” Ji Yan spoke while rejoicing in Mu Ran’s misfortune, “Mu Ran, On second thought, I won’t snatch her from you. With her personality, she will definitely cause numerous troubles and you had better tidy up after her. Oh right, you still have to help her settle this situation at present.”


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