Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1242 - Battle (7)

Chapter 1242: Battle (7)

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Everyone in the surroundings could sense the surging force on Hu Li’s body and they were oppressed to the extent they were unable to speak as they could only speechlessly look at both of them in the arena.

Mu Ran’s expression became increasingly anxious, but unfortunately, he was too late…

The instant he was about to arrive, Hu Li’s force exploded and swept towards Yun Luofeng like a hurricane.


A powerful explosion thoroughly sounded in the entire arena, to the extent that the stage became a pile of ruins from the explosion.

Mu Ran stopped and looked in shock at the arena covered with smoke and dust. A flame of fury rose up from him as his redden eyes turned towards Hu Li. “Hu Li, Do you know the severity of your actions? This girl is someone I selected and you actually dared to kill her?”

Hu Li was also stupefied. He originally thought that Yun Luofeng could escape this attack but who knew that she was unable to?

How did this happen?…

His intentions were not to kill her. He merely did not wish to be defeated by her.

“Miss Yun!”

An Zihao hastily called out and two lines of tears flowed from his eyes. “Miss, it’s all our fault. We’ve burdened her…”

From the start, if it wasn’t because they had offended Wang Mujing, Yun Luofeng wouldn’t become enemies with him and Wang Yizhi wouldn’t have made things difficult for her. All the more she would not have beaten up Wang Yizhi before everyone.

If not for them, the following incidents would not have happened.

Momentarily, blame and guilt occupied An Zihao’s heart and caused him to shudder.


Wang Mujing laughed maniacally and his laughter sounded deranged. “She’s dead, she’s finally dead! This woman offended me and she came to a bad end!”

Hearing Wang Mujing’s laughter, An Zihao’s eyes became similar to a wolf’s as he turned his head in fury towards Wang Mujing.

“Shut up!”

Wang Mujing sneered. “Trash, who do you think you are hooting towards? Without Yun Luofeng as a backing, all of you are just a flock of trash! Hahaha!”

His words caused An Zihao’s originally suppressed emotions to explode. He leaped towards Wang Mujing while overflowing with rage and fiercely bit on his shoulder.

“Ah!” Wang Mujing screamed, “Hurry, hurry and get this trash off of me!”

In a moment the surrounding people hastily tried to pull An Zihao off, wanting to drag him away from Wang Mujing. However, An Zihao bit tightly on Wang Mujing’s shoulder and was not willing to let go no matter what.

“Bastard!” Wang Yizhi’s eyes turned cold and a palm struck on An Zihao’s shoulder. In an instant, his body was like a disconnected kite that flew away while heavily crashing into the crowd. Meanwhile, a piece of flesh had been torn off from Wang Mujing’s shoulder and blood flowed endlessly.

“Beat this bastard up until he dies!”

Due to the relation he had with Wang Yizhi, there would usually be a group of attendants following Wang Mujing. Hearing his rage, they hastily went up to kick and punch An Zihao who was lying on the floor.

An Zihao was in so much pain that he curled up but he was not willing to cry out.

“Brother Zihao!” The little loli’s eyes were filled with sparkling and translucent tears, but she did not let her tears fall. She pushed through the crowd and wanted to rush to An Zihao’s side.

However, who knew that a foot would stretch out from the side and trip her?

“Little thing, you better be aware of your current situation.” Wang Mujing pressed on his shoulder that was bleeding incessantly as he walked to her and lifted her up. He then smiled sinisterly. “An Zihao is at death’s door and Yun Luofeng has already died. You had better follow me!”


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