Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1241 - Battle (6)

Chapter 1241: Battle (6)

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Wang Yizhi and his nephew were also standing among the crowd and looked straight at Yun Luofeng with vicious and sinister intent.

“This wretched girl dared to attack me previously and now she has offended Hu Li. Her good days are at their end!” Wang Mujing gnashed his teeth in hatred.

Originally, he thought that since Yun Luofeng had attacked his own uncle, those old folks in the Punishment Hall would definitely expel her out of the academy according to the rules and regulations.

However, who would have thought that the hall master of the Spirit Hall had a screw loose and actually wanted to defend a woman like Yun Luofeng? Furthermore, he raised a suggestion that her punishment would be canceled if she managed to climb up the Earth Roll in five days.

From the start, he did not think it was possible to climb up to the Earth Roll in five days, as a new student could never accomplish such a feat. Nonetheless, Yun Luofeng had unexpectedly challenged a genius from the roll in a day’s time and in addition had defeated him. Alas, she revealed her strength of a sage-level cultivator to everyone.

So what?

It’s fine if she had challenged anyone, but she had to find Hu Lin! Who was not aware that Hu Lin had a little brother on the Heaven Roll? Therefore, as what he expected, after Hu Li found out that his brother was defeated, he immediately came looking to cause trouble for Yun Luofeng!


Seemingly able to imagine the miserable scene Yun Luofeng would be in, Wang Wujing couldn’t help but laugh heartily. His laughter was sinister and merciless. “Yun Luofeng, one has to pay the price for being too arrogant and rampant!”

In the crowd, other than Wang Mujing and his uncle, along with the servant An Zihao and his master, there was another elderly man with anxiousness on his face while looking at Yun Luofeng. This elderly man was the one who supervised the enrollment registration location and in addition, recommended Yun Luofeng to all the elders.

“The elder’s disciple has gotten into a dispute with Hu Li and it is reasonable to say that I should go and inform the various elders. However, they are hard pressed for a matter recently and if they were to worry about this, I’m afraid it might affect the progress of that matter.”

The elderly man wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. “Forget it, I’ll observe the situation first. If Miss Yun is truly in any danger, there’s still time for me to inform the other elders.”

This disciple of the elders truly knew how to stir up trouble.

First, she had beaten up Wang Yizhi, and following that she challenged a genius of the Earth Roll and caused a commotion. Currently, now she had even accepted Hu Li’s challenge.

However, what the elder didn’t expect was that Yun Luofeng was actually a sage-level cultivator… To think she had concealed it that deeply! The elderly man helplessly gave a bitter smile. He didn’t know what commotion it would stir up if this matter were to be known by the elders!


In the arena, a storm had spread in all directions.

Yun Luofeng once again retreated and wiped the traces of blood on her mouth as she turned toward Hu Li.

Hu Li was not as exceptionally peerless as before and clearly looked quite ragged while his expression was even more of extreme anger. “Yun Luofeng, are you even a sage-level cultivator?”

How could a sage-level cultivator burst forth with such power?

An Zihao was stunned as he did not expect Yun Luofeng would pressure Hu Li to such an extent!

“Keke!” Suddenly, Hu Li coldly laughed. He supported his body and stood up on the arena as the aura on his body became increasingly powerful. A storm spread out from his surroundings and was so strong that caused one to feel oppressed.

“Yun Luofeng, I had indeed belittled you from the start. Now… I would like to see if you can withstand this attack of mine!”

“Not good!”

Mu Ran saw Hu Li’s actions and his expression changed completely. “Hurry, hurry up and stop him. Otherwise, Yun Luofeng will definitely be unable to withstand this attack. At the very least, she could even become crippled!”

After speaking he shot towards Hu Li and Yun Luofeng like a flash of lightning…


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