Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1240 - Battle (5)

Chapter 1240: Battle (5)

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Ji Yan’s lips twitched and he felt regret in his heart. Why did such a good seedling choose to go to the spirit school? Unfortunately, the outstanding disciples cultivated by the academy were all provided to the Spirit Hall.

Pity, it’s such a pity that such a genius had narrowly passed by him.

The whistling sound of wind became increasingly loud.

A trace of shock flashed across Hu Li’s extremely beautiful face after witnessing Yun Luofeng dodging his attack.

The spectators were also astonished. They originally assumed that Yun Luofeng would be defeated in one move, but unexpectedly, she had managed to dodge? Their eyesight must have been blurred! How could it be possible that Yun Luofeng dodged Hu Li’s attack? Everyone hastily rubbed and opened their eyes widely. However, what they saw was an uninjured white-robed young lady standing above the arena.

This time, the young lady directly tore her sleeves and tied a strip of cloth over her eyes. A devilish arc then curled on her lips. “I’m done, we can continue.”

The three months of tempering in the Void Mirror were not useless.

For common people, their eyes were crucial to them and if they were unable to see clearly during a fight, they would definitely be defeated. However, at this moment, her eyes had become a liability…

“Yun Luofeng!” Hu Li narrowed his foxy eyes, and with a sinister and cunning smile said, “You are very different from everyone I’ve seen! The more different you are, the more I want you to become my footman!”

After speaking, Hu Li moved once again…

His figure was still as fast as lightning while the afterimage of his figure could be seen.

Yun Luofeng sensed the sounds of wind whistling past and her body leaned to one side, dangerously dodging Hu Li’s attack. At the same time, the sword in her hand descended from the skies and chopped down.


In an instant, the arena had been chopped into two parts as dust filled the air.

Yun Luofeng ducked to Hu Li’s rear and once again, her long sword chopped down. Hu Li sensed the danger behind and turned around, using his sword to block the attack.


The storm that spread from both of them was so powerful that the disciples near the arena were sent flying and crashed on the ground in a sorry state.

Yun Luofeng’s retreated two steps and blood flowed up from her throat but she forcefully swallowed it down and the smile on her lips was cold-blooded. Even if she had countered Hu Li’s speed, the difference between their strengths was still huge. If this continued on, she wasn’t his opponent!

At the same time, during the commotion, Hu Li also retreated two steps. He swung his somewhat numb hand and his sly eyes narrowed while his gaze gradually became serious. It seemed as though he had belittled this girl and her strength was absolutely not just sage-level advanced-rank!

On the spectator platform, Mu Ran looked at both of them below and his brows slightly furrowed. “Ji Yan, who do you think will emerge victorious?”

Ji Yan turned silent and shook his head. “Previously before the battle, I would definitely say Hu Li. The reason is that there normally won’t be any suspense in a battle between a sage-level and sage king-level cultivator. However, at this moment, I realized that I’m unsure…”

Thinking of this, Ji Yan mocked himself. He had lived for so many years but hewas unable to differentiate the winner and the loser between a sage-level and sage king-level cultivator. If this were to get out, there would be numerous old fellas who would mock him.

Yun Luofeng and Hu Li’s battle had attracted quite a number of spectators.


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