Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1238 - Battle (3)

Chapter 1238: Battle (3)

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Yun Luofeng opened her eyes slowly as her devilish gaze fell on Hu Li.

“Are you sure you want to battle with me?”

“Yes,” Hu Li raised his chin, “If you do not agree to my challenge today, I will pester you until you accept.”

“Alright.” Yun Luofeng was taciturn for a long time before answering, “If I win, I want you to… vow your loyalty and devotion to me for three years. What do you think?”

Hu Li was distracted for a moment and he suddenly laughed heartily. “Interesting, you’re interesting. Sure, I’ll promise you! As long as you can beat me, not to mention being your subordinate your three years, so what if it’s ten years?”

“Okay,” Yun Luofeng answered, “Don’t forget your words. If I win, you are to vow your loyalty and devotion to me for ten years.”

Hu Li’s laughter suddenly got stuck in his throat, and he couldn’t help but start coughing. His handsome face was stifled and became thoroughly red.

This woman truly knows how to be nitpicky.

He merely casually spoke of it and three years became ten years?

Well, he suggested it himself so he could only suffer and hide his feelings.

“Alright! Ten years and so be it!” Hu Li clenched his teeth and said, “Then when are we to start our battle?”

“Right now…”

After the crisis Yao Mengqi had caused, another violent commotion engulfed the academy.

Hu Li, the ranked number ten genius on the Heaven Roll actually wanted to battle with a new student! Especially since the stakes between the two of them was that whichever side loses had to vow loyalty and devotion towards the other party, and this was simply too shocking.

Of course, many disciples in the academy believed that Hu Li was bullying Yun Luofeng! After all, based on Yun Luofeng’s strength as a sage-level cultivator, she wasn’t Hu Li’s match…

Within the battle stadium, it was like a boiling cauldron of voices and was closely packed by spectators inside out. In the arena, the young lady’s white robes were purer than snow, and she looked devilish and awe-inspiring. Her headful of fine black hair flew without wind, looking exceptionally peerless.

Standing before the young lady was a man with a magnificent style unmatched in his generation. His foxy eyes contained a crafty glint and a smile curled up on his face that was as beautiful as jade. His eyes revealed enthusiasm as if Yun Luofeng standing before him was an interesting plaything.

“Senior brother Hu Li’s strength is very powerful and this woman will definitely lose miserably.”

“In the academy, senior brother Hu Li’s beauty is obvious to all and his strength is even more out of the ordinary. If I can marry such a man, I’m willing to die without regrets.”

Their eyes seemed to be shaped like hearts as they looked at the man’s perfect face without blinking. If they could become the woman alongside Hu Li, they would even smile in their dreams!

“Yun Luofeng!” Hu Li lifted his brows as he looked down with arrogance at the young lady standing before him, “Remember our wagers. If I win, you have to vow your loyalty and devotion to me for three years!”

Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes. “I’m afraid you won’t have the chance!”


At this moment, both of their auras surged forth simultaneously and caused a huge storm in the arena.

“Haha!” Hu Li laughed wildly, and his headful of pitch-black hair danced in the storm, “Yun Luofeng, do you believe that the victor of this battle will definitely be me?”

An expert that had already broken through to sage king-level while the other was only in sage-level high-rank. Their strength was completely on different levels. Not only was Hu Li confident he would win, everyone else also believed that it was impossible for her to win this battle!

Yun Luofeng’s expression gradually turned solemn. The difference between sage-level and sage king-level was not only a rank’s difference but also a distinction between quality. However, regardless of anything, she would never lose!


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