Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1236 - Battle (1)

Chapter 1236: Battle (1)

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“Investigate, investigate right now! I want to know who dared to touch my disciple!”

Within the room, Yao Shu violently slapped the table as he furiously berated, “Anyone who harmed my disciple, I will let them die while making them suffer!”

Not only was Yao Mengqi his disciple, she was also his illegitimate daughter. As there was a female tiger in his family, he had made arrangements for Yao Mengqi and her mother to stay outside. It was also because of this that he felt that he owed a lot to Yao Mengqi.

“Elder,” The subordinate cautiously looked at Yao Shu and spoke. “Everyone outside is saying that it was the miss who was a thief, thus getting crippled.”

“Utter rubbish! My disciple has been pampered and spoiled since childhood, having everything she wanted. Why would she steal someone else’s things?” Yao Shu’s eyes were spouting flames of fury. “There must be someone framing her so you better thoroughly investigate this matter!”

“Yes, elder.” Everyone cupped their fists and respectfully replied.

Currently, an elder beside Yao Shu was silent for a long time before asking, “Elder Yao Su, do you think this was done by Xu Kong and the rest? After all, the dean has been untraceable and I haven’t seen him for several years! Currently, the Western Province Academy has been split into two factions and both sides are in an endless war. I feel that they are the most likely suspect!”

A hint of ruthlessness flashed past Yao Shu’s eyes. “If I were to know that it was Xu Kong and the rest who harmed my daughter, I will absolutely let them die while making them suffer!”

Before these people, he no longer addressed Yao Mengqi as his disciple, but instead, his daughter. Other than a few people, most people in the outside world did not know of his relationship with Yao Mengqi.

“I feel that this is not possible,” Another elder was taciturn for a while, “Even if we are locked in constant strife with Xu Kong and the rest, they would not commit such acts that would provoke and infuriate everyone.”

“Hmph!” Yao Shu snorted, “What’s impossible? One may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature! On the Heaven Roll, there are six who are in my hands and they only control four! Therefore, they must be wanting to root out a few disciples of ours! In addition, Mengqi is my daughter and naturally, she became their number one target for revenge!”

Yao Shu gnashed his teeth in anger and was even more determined that other than Xu Kong and the rest, no one would have such strength and courage to do such a cruel thing! It was fine if they crippled his own daughter, but they had even slandered her as being a thief? Why would his own daughter covet other people’s valuables?

Compared to the Western Province Academy that was in constant turmoil, Yun Luofeng was not affected in the slightest. At this moment, she was holding a letter of challenge with a slightly raised brow and had seriously sized up this exquisitely manufactured letter.

“I knew it, we’re finished!”

An Zhihao was standing beside Yun Luofeng as he prattled on, “It’s fine if you challenged others, but why did you choose to challenge Hu Lin? Now everything’s great, senior brother Hu Li has sent you a letter of challenge. If you accept it you will definitely receive his retaliation, but if you do not accept it you will be deemed as a weakling.”

“Why is there a need to answer?” Yun Luofeng casually threw away the letter of challenge and a smile curled up on her lips. “I’m not interested in accepting a challenge.”

Going up to challenge the Earth Roll disciple was so that she could stay in the academy, and since she had achieved her intentions, why was there a need to take up the challenge?

“However, even if you don’t accept it, Hu Li will also come looking for trouble.”

An Zhihao was deeply worried and sick at heart. Regardless of anything, he did not wish for Yun Luofeng be in danger.

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