Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1234 - Crisis After Crisis (9)

Chapter 1234: Crisis After Crisis (9)

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“Unfortunately…” Xiao Mo paused for a moment, “My father won’t fancy you!”

Yao Mengqi stared blankly. She raised her head and looked at Xiao Mo while blinking her eyes as she failed to understand.


In any case, she had stood out to speak up for him when he had been abused and speaking with reason, shouldn’t this child want a mother who would protect him?

Yet why did he say such cruel words?

“My Father only loves my mother. Did you think that just relying on your charisma you could compare with my mother?” Xiao Mo sneered.

This woman was too ignorant. In any case, she had misunderstood from the beginning that he was being bullied, and so tried to speak up for him. Thus, he did not say anything. However, she did not know what was good for herself and wanted to replace Yun Luofeng’s position?

Dream on!

Hearing his words, Yao Mengqi did not feel angry in her heart but instead, pitied Yun Xiao and Xiao Mo even more.

Take a look, even though that damned woman abandoned her husband and child, they are still unable to forget her!

Why hasn’t such a woman been struck by lightning and died?

“Daddy,” Xiao Mo blinked his eyes and turned to look at Yun Xiao while secretly winking. “I wish to play with this auntie, can I?”

Yun Xiao who originally wanted to kill Yao Mengqi retracted his killing aura after hearing his words and coldly nodded. “Do as you like.”

“Thank you, daddy.”

Xiao Mo’s smile was very radiant and called the word daddy in an extremely smooth manner.

Yun Xiao glanced at him. “Remember to establish a matrix in the residence. In the future, I do not wish for anyone else to enter.”

It was fine if they merely barged in, but they actually dared to eat the cakes he made for Yun Luofeng? Thinking of this, his footsteps paused. “Oh right, make her spit out the food she ate earlier on.

After speaking, Yun Xiao walked out without turning back and there was only Xiao Mo and Yao Mengqi left in the dining room.

Yao Mengqi got up from the floor and a smile of currying favor curled up on her pale face. “Little Young Master, in any case, I had spoken up for you earlier on, which was why I offended your daddy. Can’t you let me off?”

“Let you off?” Xiao Mo sneered, “Based on what? Indeed, you mistook that he was physically punishing me so you spoke out to help me! Based on this, I can’t say that you were wrong but I can only say you were too foolish. There wasn’t even a trace of injury on my body, so how did you infer that my father had beat me up?”

Yao Mengqi’s complexion changed. This man was not what she thought he was, and everything that happened previously was her own misunderstanding?

“However, the worst mistake you did was that not only did you pilfer my father’s pastry, you also have delusional intentions towards him!” Xiao Mo raised his chin and spoke in an overbearing manner, “I’ve seen too many women like you and unfortunately, those women weren’t able to live very long!”

Yao Mengqi slightly lowered her eyes. “Little kid, your father isn’t here right now and you better not be too unrestrained. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!”

The instant after she spoke, he saw Yun Xiao who once again appearing at the door and her complexion immediately changed while she dryly coughed. “Young Master, I was only scaring the little young master earlier…”

Yun Xiao seemed to not have heard her as he walked towards her without consulting anyone.

“Young Master, you…”


A fist struck her back and in a split second, an urge to vomit rushed forth. She opened her mouth and puked up the pastry that was still undigested.

“You speak too much,” Yun Xiao looked at Xiao Mo. “By the time you finished, the pastries would more or less be digested.”

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