Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1233 - Crisis After Crisis (8)

Chapter 1233: Crisis After Crisis (8)

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Yao Mengqi’s body stiffened as she slowly turned around. Looking at the man standing outside the dining room, she swallowed her saliva with difficulty.

“I was worried about your son so I came here to check up on him. I didn’t deliberately intrude in your residence.” Her eyes were filled with tears as she looked at Yun Xiao while feeling grieved and she spoke with some unease.

Yun Xiao gradually looked at Yao Mengqi’a hands, at the same time discovering the pastry that she took half a bite out of…

At that moment, killing intent surged forth from his body and gushed towards Yao Mengqi in an overwhelming manner.

“You ate it?”

Yao Mengqi was stunned. She merely ate half a pastry but why was this man so angry?

“Who allowed you to?” The man’s voice became increasingly chilly, causing Yao Mengqi to tremble.

“I… I didn’t mean to. I was attracted to the scent and couldn’t help but walk in. If you don’t mind, I… can replace it with another plate.” Yao Mengqi hastily placed the pastry in her hands down as both her hands nervously kneaded her clothing. Tears of grievance flickered in her eyes as she simply wasn’t aware of what she had done wrong.

The man’s large hands raised and a powerful force struck Yao Mengqi. She spat out a mouthful of blood and crashed on the floor in a sorry state. Her eyes revealed dismay while looking at Yun Xiao.

That’s right!

This man intended to kill her!


Just because she ate a piece of pastry?

“It wasn’t done deliberately, please let me off. I can repay you with another whole plate of pastry.”

Yao Mengqi retreated step by step in shock as her panic expression looked at the man’s unfeeling and handsome face.


At this moment, a small voice sounded from behind Yun Xiao.

Xiao Mo’s eyes were smiling. “Don’t you understand? This plate of pastry is not something you can eat!”

Yun Xiao was a narrow-minded person and everything of his would only be given to Yun Luofeng. How could he permit other people to dip a finger? Even if the other party merely ate a piece of cake…

Yao Mengyi tightly bit on her pale lips. It was only a piece of pastry, was this necessary? Although this pastry was comparatively more delicious, it was not especially precious. Was it necessary to kill her because of a piece of pastry?

“I’m… I’m from the West Province Academy!”

In order to survive, Yao Mengqi hastily mentioned West Province Academy. As expected, after hearing these two words, Yun Xiao paused for a moment. Of course, it was completely because of the fact that Yun Luofeng was in there, which resulted in a momentarily pause. However, in Yao Mengqi’s eyes, she thought that Yun Xiao had feared the academy’s power!

“Young Master, please let me off. I’m from the West Province Academy and if you let me go, I’ll repay you in the future.” Yao Mengqi raised her eyes filled with tears as she pleaded persistently.

Yun Xiao’s unfeeling gaze once again fell on her face. “So what if you’re from the West Province Academy?”

So what if you’re from the West Province Academy? Did he even need to care about them?

Yao Mengqi’s expression changed once again. Evidently, she had not expected that Yun Xiao did not think of West Province Academy with importance.

She tightly clenched her teeth. “Young Master, I had indeed accidentally entered your residence today, but that was because I was worried about the little young master. In addition… I was also worried… about you. I beg of you to forgive my rashness.”

Xiao Mo stared blankly. This woman was also interested in Yun Xiao?

His eyes swirled and he spoke while giggling, “Auntie, you’re interested in my dad?”

Yao Mengqi was feeling uncomfortable. She wanted to look at Yun Xiao but did not dare to look straight at him and could only lower her head and fiddled with the corner of her clothing.

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