Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1231 - Crisis After Crisis (6)

Chapter 1231: Crisis After Crisis (6)

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After speaking, Yao Mengqi stood up and spoke with a resolute gaze, “Junior brother, I have to do good until the end. I will use my lifetime’s energy to placate his emotional injury! I will never give up and in addition, if I’m that child’s mother, I will never let anyone harm him!”

“You should go, I will definitely support you!” Hu Li gave a sigh of relief. He currently only thought of getting rid of this woman.

“Many thanks, junior brother. After I’ve accomplished it, I will treat you to a meal.”

“There’s no need for that. It’ll be fine if you don’t appear before me anymore.” Hu Li curled the corner of his lips as he lazily leaned against the imperial consort chair.

Regarding his and Yao Mengqi’s strength, one was ranked ninth and the other tenth, but their strength was not the same! It was to the extent that he was more powerful than her by at least a step, but he was just not interested in the rankings so he had never challenged Yao Mengqi. It was because of this that Yao Mengqi believed that he had fallen in love with her, and had given her the ninth position! Because of this misunderstanding, she had been pestering him for many years.

Once he recalled those rumors, he felt an urge to vomit.

Yao Mengqi’s looks were good but were not the type he liked. How could he give away his ranking just because of a woman? The funny thing was that Yao Mengqi had believed those rumors! Even if Hu Li expressed that he did not have other thoughts about her, she would stubbornly assume that Hu Li was unwilling to admit it because he was shy.

“Say, a woman like Yao Mengqi who is so single-minded, how did she enter the Heaven Roll?” Hu Li questioned in disbelief and pointed in the direction that Yao Mengqi had left.

The young disciple was silent for a long time. “Senior sister Yao’s talent is good.”

Her talent was good and coupled with the fact that the environment she grew up in was extremely good, it had allowed her to successfully enter the Heaven Roll.

“I pity that guy who’s receiving her sympathy,” Hu Li smirked. “Based on my understanding of Yao Mengqi, she must have misunderstood the situation and imagined a scene of a wife abandoning her husband and son. In addition, she single-mindedly believed her actions are correct. Toward such a woman, I only want to tell her to get away from me as far as possible!”

The young disciple’s mouth twitched. “Senior brother, senior sister Yao’s nature isn’t bad…”

“So what?” Hu Li quirked his brow and faintly smiled, “The way she conducts herself makes me hate her! Comparatively, I am more interested in Yun Luofeng…”

The young disciple looked at Hu Li and softly asked, “Senior brother Hu Li, are you thinking of causing trouble for Yun Luofeng?”

“What do you mean trouble? Don’t you know how to speak?” Hu Li glared at him, “Am I someone who would cause trouble for others? I only thought of going to have a chat with her about life and our ideals tomorrow and that isn’t called causing trouble!”

The young disciple shuddered. What happened to the people that senior brother Hu Li was interested in… was such that he couldn’t help but pity them.

Yun Luofeng did not stay in the academy for long, and after the setting sun appeared, she walked out of the academy without consulting anyone. Perhaps because she had punched Wang Yizhi previously, others did not dare to obstruct her and looked on helplessly at her leaving the academy.

Just as she returned to the residence, the fragrance of food assaulted her senses. She looked at Yun Xiao who was bustling around and felt a gust of warm current in her heart. All these years, she had always been constantly on the move outside, yet only at present did she feel the warmth of a family…

“You’ve returned?” The moment Yun Xiao looked up, he saw Yun Luofeng standing by the door and a faint smile curled up on his grim and handsome face. “Dinner has been prepared. When I wasn’t by your side, you’ve slimmed down.”

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