Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1230 - Crisis After Crisis (5)

Chapter 1230: Crisis After Crisis (5)

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“Junior brother!”

At this moment, a voice echoed through the door.

Hu Li lightly raised his brow, perhaps because he was annoyed by the person who had arrived. Just as he wanted to order his junior brother to announce his absence, the door was pushed open by a pair of lily-white hand.

If Xiao Mo was here, he would definitely recognize her as the person who had meddled in his affairs!

Yao Mengqi walked in with quick steps and went towards Hu Li. “Junior brother, I’ve returned. Aren’t you going to welcome me?”

Hu Li’s expression faintly contained impatience. “I have some matters at hand. If you wish to find someone to accompany you, find another person. Forgive me for being unable to accompany you!”

“Junior brother, there’s no need to be so cold toward me. In any case, I suffered a huge grievance outside today.”

Meng Yaoqi sat down loudly and poured a cup of tea, seemingly minding her own business as her face was filled with fury. Hearing her words, a trace of excitement flashed in Hu Li’s eyes.

Yao Mengqi suffered a grievance outside? Hahaha, that’s great! Who told this woman to pester me all day long?!

“Senior brother…”

The disciple who had yet to leave looked at Hu Li and nudged him while being at a loss for words.

Senior brother, even if you’re excited to hear about senior sister getting bullied, can you please refrain from being so obvious? Your behavior seems as if you wished for someone to bully her!

Hu Li also felt that his own excited expression was too obvious as he hastily coughed dryly and asked, “What happened?”

Luckily Yao Mengqi was in a state of anger and hadn’t noticed Hu Li’s excited emotions.

“When I was on my way back today, I saw a man lecturing his child. That child was crying miserably and I couldn’t stand it, so I wanted to stop that man!”

“Oh?” A faint glint radiated in Hu Li’s eyes, “That man had bullied you?”

“No,” Yao Mengqi’s eyes contained pity. “He didn’t bully me, but I… sympathize with him very much! That man is very pitiful and the woman who abandoned her husband and child was too much! If I were to meet with that ruthless woman, I will definitely dismember her into a thousand pieces!”

Noticing Yao Mengqi’s eyes had a faint radiance when speaking of that man, a smile gradually curled up on Hu Li’s face.

That’s great!  This woman is finally interested in another man and I can get away from her at long last!

“Junior brother, don’t you think that the woman was too much?” Yao Mengqi said angrily, “How could there be such a cruel woman in this world? Such a handsome husband, and a child that looked as if they were carved from jade… She was actually willing to abandon them! If it was me, I would have never done such a thing!”

If he wasn’t abandoned by his woman, why would that man’s residence not have a soul in sight? Furthermore, if he wasn’t hurt emotionally, this man wouldn’t be so unfeeling and ruthless towards others!

In particular, towards a woman like her, he had chosen to deal with her in such a cruel way…

Yao Mengqi self-opinionatedly pitied Yun Xiao, completely unaware that only Yun Luofeng was the most special person in his heart. Only when standing before Yun Luofeng would his ice-cold expression melt, while when facing other women he had never given them special treatment.

“That’s right!” Hu Li parroted and nodded his head, “If it was you, you would’ve never abandoned that man. Senior sister Mengqi, since you pity him, why don’t you look for him?”

It’s best if you look for him right now and give me back my peace!

“That won’t do. He is emotionally wounded just recently, and even if I were to find him, I won’t be able to placate him. Instead, he would reject me outside the doors.” Yao Mengqi sighed while being frustrated, “However, luckily I remember the location of his residence. There are plenty of opportunities in the future.”

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