Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1228 - Crisis After Crisis (3)

Chapter 1228: Crisis After Crisis (3)

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“Five days? Tsk tsk, how can it be achieved within five days? Those disciples who manage to enter the Earth Roll are all at god-level cultivation! Even the last person on the board is at god-level low-rank! Each and every one is more powerful than Wang Yizhi. I truly don’t know how she has the confidence to come here.”

“If I was her, I would pack my bags and scram. It would be better than making an exhibition of myself.”

Looking at the young lady walking towards the elevated stage, everyone was talking about her as their eyes contained mocking and ridicule. Currently, around the elevated stage, two young men were mutually flattering each other and did not notice Yun Luofeng who was walking toward them.

“Brother Hu, congratulations. You’ve finally successfully entered the twentieth position in the Earth Roll. Unlike me, I’m still lingering around fiftieth.”

“You’re too kind, I was merely lucky. Brother Lin, you’re younger than me, and in a few years time your achievements will definitely exceed mine.”

Just as the youth that was addressed as Brother Lin wanted to reciprocate the flattering, his line of sight was blocked. He stared blankly for an instant and the moment he raised his head, a white-robed young lady was currently standing before them.

“Earth Roll twentieth ranked?” Yun Luofeng slightly raised her brows and an indiscernible smile curled on her lips. “I want to challenge you.”

The young lady’s bewitching voice loudly sounded above the crowd, causing everyone present to be stupefied.

What?! She truly wanted to challenge the Earth Roll? However, why didn’t she choose Lin Xiong of the fiftieth position but instead challenged Hu Lin who was ranked twenty?

“You… want to challenge me?” Hu Lin pointed to himself as his face was filled with disbelief. “Miss, I do not hold back when I fight and could accidentally cripple my opponent’s hands and feet to. You have such slender arms and legs, are you sure you want to challenge me?”

Yun Luofeng lifted her brows. “That’s right, I want to challenge you.”

After confirming her answer, Hu Lin couldn’t help but laugh heartily. “Since you wish to challenge me, then I shall do as you desire! Come, let’s fight on the stage!”

Hu Lin had already broken through to god-level high rank, so he was confident that Yun Luofeng before him was not his opponent! Under everyone’s gaze, Yun Luofeng and Hu Lin had already stepped on the arena.

“I’ll give you three moves!” Hu Lin disdainfully pointed three fingers toward Yun Luofeng as his face was filled with mocking and contempt.

Yun Luofeng swept him a glance and was polite to him. In a flash, her body arrived before Hu Lin.

Hu Lin’s expression suddenly changed and cold sweat flowed from his forehead. He hastily raised his hands to meet Yun Luofeng’s attack.


A huge explosion resounded as Hu Lin flew out and crashed outside the stage.


The entire area was as silent as if everyone was dead!

Originally, there were still people hooting, but they had been stunned by Yun Luofeng’s actions and looked at the young lady while being speechless.

“Cough cough!” Hu Lin dryly coughed and spat out a mouthful of blood. His expression was unsightly as he looked at Yun Luofeng. “You are… a sage-level cultivator?”

When the three words sage level cultivator were spoken, great waves of voices surged among the crowds. Even if sage-level cultivators were everywhere in the Seven Province Continent, to reach sage-level cultivation at such a young age would definitely cause everyone to be shocked.

“That’s right.” Yun Luofeng nodded her head and confirmed Hu Lin’s suspicion.

From the start, she did not wish to reveal her strength as she was afraid that others would detect her motive for coming here. However, she already understood how things were at this moment…

The more she concealed, the more she would be bullied. So, why would she continue concealing her strength?

“What?!” Hu Lin abused roundly, “A sage-level cultivator came here to challenge a god-level cultivator? Don’t you feel embarrassed? There are so many people on the Earth Roll, so why did you find me instead of someone else?

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