Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1227 - Crisis After Crisis (2)

Chapter 1227: Crisis After Crisis (2)

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Rise to the Earth Roll in five days? This was impossible.

The hall master of the Medical Hall snorted and flung his sleeves as he left the Punishment Hall in haste. Seeing him leave, the others also followed suit.

“I can only help her to this extent…”

The Spirit Hall’s master chuckled and his aged appearance had a hint of a smile. He left with quick steps and disappeared in the courtyard’s sunlight.

Within the cultivation room.

Soon after Yun Luofeng had entered, knocking sounds echoed from outside. She quirked her brows and said, “Enter!” After she spoke, the door was pushed open and an old man in navy robes walked in. Yun Luofeng looked at the old man entering the room and asked, “Is something the matter?”

“Girl, I indeed have some matters to discuss and came here to look for you.” The old man smiled. “Oh right, I have yet to introduce myself. I am the Spirit Hall’s hall master, Mu Ran.”

Spirit Hall’s hall master?

After entering the academy, Yun Luofeng already knew of the various faction’s divisions within the academy and so, after hearing that the hall master of the Spirit Hall was standing before her, she couldn’t refrain from lifting her brows, clearly not understanding his motive.

“You beat up Wang Yizhi?” Mu Ran got straight to the point and asked.

Yun Luofeng arrogantly smiled. “He deserved it!”

Mu ran was instantly silenced. This girl was just as that person had said, having an arrogant and unrestrained personality yet not causing one to loathe her.

“Girl, you’ve invited trouble this time. Wang Yizhi has reported this to the Punishment Hall and intends to kick you out of the academy. Luckily I fought for an opportunity for you. As long as you enter the Earth Roll within five days, this punishment will be canceled.”

Yun Luofeng lifted her brows and questioned Mu Ran. “How are you so sure I can enter the Earth Roll in five days?”

Mu Ran laughed involuntarily. “If it was someone else, perhaps they might not have such ability. However, since it is you, you can definitely accomplish it.”

“Why? In addition, why are you helping me?”

“Because I owe someone a favor.” Mu Ran smiled as he looked straight at Yun Luofeng. “I promised him that I would take care of you after you arrived.”

Yun Luofeng became silent. She couldn’t think of the person helping her behind her back and so, she asked, “Who did you owe a favor to?”

“Chen Yuqing!”

Chen Yuqing?

Yun Luofeng was startled and a hint of helplessness flashed past her downcast eyes. So it turns out, Chen Yuqing had always been assisting her behind her back…

“Girl, you only have five days time and I can only help you to this extent. If you are unable to enter the Earth Roll, I will be unable to protect you.” Mu Ran stood up and the smile on his face was unchanging. “Right now, I shall not bother you during your cultivating.” After speaking, he turned and left while closing Yun Luofeng’s door behind him.

“Five days?” Yun Luofeng lightly stroked her chin. “Five days is sufficient time.”

At this moment, she did not choose to find those convenient teachers of hers. The reason was… such a small matter did not require her to borrow other’s strength and she could completely rely on her own strength to stay in the academy!

Thinking of this, she stood up and walked out without consulting anyone…

Within the Academy, there was a specialized arena for battles as private battles between disciples were banned. At this moment, the battle stadium was filled with the buzz of voices and appeared to be a bustling market.

However, when Yun Luofeng entered the battle stadium, the entire place became silent…

“It’s her? She’s the one called Yun Luofeng?”

“That’s right, she is the Yun Luofeng who dared to injure Wang Yizhi. I heard that the Punishment Hall set a rule for her. If she can enter the Earth Roll in five days time, her punishment can be canceled. Otherwise, she will be kicked out of the academy.”

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