Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1226 - Crisis After Crisis (1)

Chapter 1226: Crisis After Crisis (1)

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Shortly after that, the entire academy was in turmoil. Reportedly a disciple who enrolled today had actually beaten up Wang Yizhi. Even the number one disciple of the Heaven Roll did not have such courage back then.

It seemed like the West Province Academy was destined to be in turmoil this year…

There were distinct ranks within the West Province Academy.

Other than the dean who whose whereabouts were unknown, the elder’s position was the most respected and a hall master position the second most respected.

The academy was divided into a few halls, respectively the Spirit Hall, Medical Hall, Beast Taming Hall, and the Punishment Hall! The first three halls catered to all aspects that the students had to study and at the same time, after being promoted to the Earth Roll, they would have the qualifications to enter the various halls instead of staying in the school to continue studying.

As for the Punishment Hall….

Just like its name implied, it was used to punish disciples who erred and it could be said that the hall master of the Punishment Hall had the highest authority among the four halls!

Of course, if the students wanted to be placed above various hall masters, they had to enter the Heaven Roll, as people who were able to have their names on that roll had a position of only being below the elders.

Beneath the hall master would be various learning hall’s teachers. Their position within the educational establishment wasn’t very high, but they possessed the authority to control the disciples in the learning hall.

At present, within the Punishment Hall, various hall masters gathered and coldly gazed at Wang Yizhi, who was complaining tearfully.

“Hall master, this disciple named Yun Luofeng has gone too far and completely disregarded the teachings of respecting a teacher. Our academy cannot keep such a disciple!” Wang Yizhi cried.

The hall master of the Punishment Hall frowned. “According to your account, Yun Luofeng was indeed too unruly!”

“Keke,” The Spirit Hall’s hall master faintly smiled, and his fingers gently stroked his chin. “Contrary to that, I think that it was Wang Yizhi who punished a disciple, not knowing right from wrong! From what I know, Yun Luofeng had indeed presented a genuine leave of absence letter. As for who approved it, I do not know.”

“Hmph! So what if she submitted a genuine letter? Even if she did so, she had no right to attack a teacher! Our academy is unable to accept such a disciple and I believe we should chase her out!”

The one who spoke was the Medical Hall’s Hall master. His expression was unsightly and his tone was stern.

This old rigid man regarded respect towards teachers of utmost importance, so how could he allow a disciple like Yun Luofeng to stay? So what if Wang Yizhi was at fault? Since the teacher had judged her as wrong, then she was wrong. As a student, she could only swallow the injustice. Who allowed her to attack a teacher?

The Beast Taming Hall’s hall master frowned and suggested, “We are still unaware of how to pass judgment regarding this incident. Why don’t we wait for the various elders to finish their tasks at hand and then we’ll inform them of this incident and have them make a decision?”

“The elders are very busy at this moment so how can we disturb them for this small matter?” The Medical Hall’s hall master sneered. “Not treating teachers with respect, Yun Luofeng should be expelled!”

Hearing his words, a sinister glint streaked across Wang Yizhi’s eyes, who was weeping from grievance.

Yun Luofeng, you’re too inexperienced to go against me!

“How about this,” The Spirit Hall’s hall master stood up, and smiled, “if Yun Luofeng can advance to the Earth Roll within five days, she will be qualified to enter various halls. At that time, her status would be higher than Wang Yizhi, and so attacking him would not be a crime. I wonder what are your opinions on this?”

Within five days?

The Medical Hall’s hall master laughed wildly, “Alright, I’ll give her this chance!”

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