Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1225 - Endless Loving Affections (10)

Chapter 1225: Endless Loving Affections (10)

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“Yun Luofeng!” Wang Yizhi was originally instructing the students, but he abruptly discovered Yun Luofeng appearing at the doorway and flew into a rage. “You’ve been absent for so many days, but you still dare to come to the academy! Who gave you the nerve to not come to classes for half a month?”

Yun Luofeng’s wicked eyes peered at Wang Yizhi. “I gave a leave of absence, didn’t you know?”

In truth, this was Xukong’s fault. He originally arranged for another person to manage the spirit cultivator classroom, and handed Yun Luofeng’s absence letter to that teacher as well. Unexpectedly, Wang Yizhi bribed someone and replaced that teacher.

Because that teacher was busy and forgot about this matter, Wang Yizhi had no clue that Yun Luofeng had submitted a leave of absence letter.

“What leave of absence letter? I didn’t receive it!” Wang Yizhi snorted. “You have been absent for half a month. According to the rules, you should be expelled from the academy, but I can give you a chance. You will be given 100 lashes!”


An Zihao hurriedly stood up, his forehead drenched with cold sweat. “Miss Yun is a girl, so her physique is weaker. I am willing to take the punishment for her.”

It was because of them that Yun Luofeng offended Wang Yizhi and his nephew, so he logically should take this punishment in her place!

“Who are you? What right do you have to take the punishment for her?” Wang Yizhi snorted and derisively said, “Today, I will harshly punish Yun Luofeng. Whoever speaks on her behalf will be expelled from the academy!”

An Zihao was about to say something else when he suddenly caught Yun Luofeng’s gesture, and he swallowed back the words on his lips with worry-filled features.

“Expel me from the academy? I’m afraid you don’t have the right!” The girl’s voice was chilly and merciless. Her spirited features wholly displayed her domineering personality and extreme arrogance.

“You are the first person to speak to me like this in this academy!” Wang Yizhi snorted, and a vicious glint flickered through his narrowed eyes. “Hence, I will make you understand the consequence of defying your teacher!”


In his tempestuous rage, Wang Yizhi released the pressure from his body and launched an attack at Yun Luofeng. His eyes were incredibly fierce, similar to a sharp sword out of its sheath, killing people without notice.

“Miss Yun!” An Zihao’s sweat cascaded down due to his worry, but he could only helplessly watch as Wang Yizhi reached Yun Luofeng.

His palm was about to land on the girl’s forehead when she finally moved.


She took two steps to the side and caught Wang Yuzhu’s palm. Under everyone’s shocked gazes, she wrenched her hand, and Wang Yizhi fell down with a boom!

“I said, I submitted a leave of absence!”

Wang Yizhi did not fall gently. He clutched his waist as he stood up, his furious eyes shooting arrows into Yun Luofeng. “You dare to hit me? Great, wonderful! Since you dare to hit even me, then don’t bother to think about staying here! I will certainly expel you from the academy!”

Yun Luofeng did not take another look at him and turned around, heading to the cultivation room.

She originally thought the teachers of the West Province Academy would be very strong… It turned out they were only so-so. Instead of wasting time here, she was better off self-cultivating.

“Yun Luofeng!” Wang Yizhi’s incensed shout reverberated in the sky above the academy for a long time.

The students inside the spirit cultivator classroom were stupefied. Who would have expected Yun Luofeng to be bold enough to treat Wang Yizhi like this? Wang Yizhi was at least a teacher of the academy!


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