Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1224 - Endless Loving Affections (9)

Chapter 1224: Endless Loving Affections (9)

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While saying this, the girl was about to take a step over the door sill.

Killing intent flashed through Yun Xiao’s eyes. “If your leg dares to step through the door, I will immediately chop it off.”

The man’s emotionless and chilly voice caused her to shudder and subconsciously pull her leg back.

The aura around this man was too powerful, so powerful that her master might not be able to compare!

The woman frowned. “Your child is crying so pitifully, how can you bear it?”


The man waved his sleeves, and a burst of energy mercilessly sent the girl flying back. At the same time, he slammed the door, shutting the girl outside his house.

“Senior Sister Mengqi!”

Seeing the girl thrown onto the ground, the crowd behind her reacted and hurriedly helped her up.

“Senior Sister Mengqi, how are you?”

The delicate girl shrugged them off, and a peculiar glint flashed through her eyes. “I’m fine. I merely saw a wrongdoing. Except I’m not strong enough, so I couldn’t save the child! My hands are tied.”

“Senior Sister Mengqi, it’s not your fault. These parents are inhumane! They actually abuse their kid!”

Everyone lamented over the injustice. Hearing them, the dainty woman felt better.

“I don’t think the man is some awful person. In contrast, the child’s mother must not be anyone good! Otherwise, she would not leave her child behind without care and leave a man to raise the child alone!”

Currently, the girl had already made up a story of abandonment in her mind. She could not help but feel sympathy for Yun Xiao and lost her precious anger. In her eyes, the man must have been abandoned by his wife, so he turned angry due to shame and vented his anger on the child.

The pitiful child was not only abandoned by an irresponsible mother but also suffered from his father’s abuse. If she was the child’s mother, she absolutely would not abandon such an adorable and delicate son…

“Let’s return to the academy first.” Yao Mengqi’s eyes were full of pity. She sent a last glance toward the tightly shut door before leading the group toward the academy.

Inside the house, Xiao Mo had already quieted down, but the corner of his eyes still glistened with tears as he carefully glanced at Yun Xiao. “Have I caused trouble?…”

He merely wanted to use his wails to make Yun Luofeng stay. Who would expect a meddling woman to jump out?

His master’s man was so outstanding, what would he do if another woman took fancy to him?

The more he thought about it, the more regretful he became. He should have obediently accepted the disciplining…

The man’s features were cold and devoid of expressions. “An ant can’t cause any storms.”

In other words, he was completely unconcerned about that woman’s strength. If she dared to come and hassle him, he would certainly snap her off!

Xiao Mo slowly exhaled. He trusted Yun Xiao a lot. This man only had his master in his eyes and mind. If there was truly a woman who idiotically served herself on a silver platter, he would be the first one to punish her!

At the entrance of the academy, as soon as Yun Luofeng entered, she detected some people’s cautious glances of sympathy and pity.

When they saw Yun Luofeng looking over, they hastily looked away and pretended like nothing had happened.

Yun Luofeng lightly frowned, evidently not knowing what had happened. By the time she found her classroom, she understood why those people looked at her like that.

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