Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1223 - Endless Loving Affections (8)

Chapter 1223: Endless Loving Affections (8)

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Yun Luofeng’s heart jolted. She turned back, peering up at the man standing in front of her.

“Yun Xiao, should we go hire some maidservants and cooks?”

“No need.” Yun Xiao shook his head with a faint smile. “I will suffice. We don’t need unnecessary people here to disturb our lives.”

Hearing this, Yun Luofeng’s smile grew. “I have left the academy for almost half a month. I will need to make a trip there in a moment.”

“This place isn’t too far from the academy.” Yun Xiao spoke after a brief silence, “So if you are in any danger, I can rush over to save you.”

He indulged her everything. But it did not mean he was willing to allow her to be in danger. Any danger that she encounters, he will rush over regardless of everything!

“Huohuo, Little Tree, Xiao Mo.”

Several figures instantly appeared.

She continued, “I will give you freedom during this period of time and won’t make you stay inside the God Code Space! You can come and go as you wish.”

“Master, I love you so much!” Xiao Mo’s eyes lit up, and he excitedly charged toward Yun Luofeng. He pursed his lips, planning to kiss her cheeks.

However, before he could reach her, a large hand came from behind and pulled his body away from Yun Luofeng.

“He requires discipline,” Yun Xiao lowly announced. His cold eyes sent a warning glance at Xiao Mo in his hands.

This was the first time that Xiao Mo regretted matchmaking Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao. Because this man was 100% a vinegar jar! Even Xiao Mo himself was not permitted to be near Master…

What ripped Xiao Mo’s hope away was how Yun Luofeng merely glanced at him and said, “Discipline him however you want.”

“Master!” Seeing Yun Luofeng about to leave, Xiao Mo shouted in panic, “You can’t choose your lover over your friends like this! We have at least two lifetimes of friendship, how can you abandon me?!”

No matter how Xiao Mo cried to heaven and earth, Yun Luofeng did not stop and left the courtyard.

Two streams of tears streamed down his face due to his despair, and his sobs were extremely pitiful. “You heartless woman!”

His wrenching cries pierced through the walls and escaped outside of the house.

If it was normal people, they would certainly mind their own business. However, there just had to be some people who criticized others because they thought they knew everything.

Just as Yun Xiao was going to head back in with Xiao Mo in his hold, a furious shout came from outside the door. “No matter how big of an error the child did, you shouldn’t hit him like this! Look at how pitiful the child is crying, how can you bear to treat him like this? Are you seriously his father?”

Yun Xiao coldly glanced at the woman standing outside the door and meddling in other people’s business, and his face darkened. When he was with Yun Luofeng, Yun Xiao never wore a mask, so his cold and handsome face landed in the woman’s sight.

Awe flashed through her eyes, and her dainty face showed her complicated feelings and pity.

She was torn over how such a handsome man could harshly treat a child like this. What made her feel pity was how a peerless man like this was already married and had a kid?

“Scram!” The man did not say anything else besides that word, but it jolted the woman’s heart and numbed her whole body.

“Don’t you feel like you’ve done something wrong?” The dainty woman questioned, full of righteousness. “He’s only a child. How could you abuse him like this?”

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