Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1219 - Endless Loving Affections (4)

Chapter 1219: Endless Loving Affections (4)

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Determination replaced the initial hesitation in Huohuo’s gaze. “I can’t allow anyone to discover our identity. Otherwise, it will bring danger to Master. Hence, making Duan Yichen lose his memories of the last few days is the best option! Moreover… this guy had impure intentions toward Master, so I don’t plan to allow him to have any more interactions with Master! If he forgets Master, he certainly won’t hassle her anymore!”

Little Tree ignorantly looked at Huohuo, his big, bright eyes full of confusion.

“Forget it. You’re still young, so you are in the dark about your parents still.” Huohuo lowered her head and gently patted Little Tree’s head. “But I know the pain of losing my beloved, so I must protect their safety even at the expense of my life. I won’t allow them to be separated!”

Little Tree lifted his chubby arms and placed them on Huohuo’s arm, as though comforting her.

Huohuo chuckled. “Little Tree, don’t let Master know about this. Otherwise, it will be over for Xiao Mo and me.”

If it weren’t for Xiao Mo secretly handing her this pill, she would not be able to erase Duan Yichen’s memory. Hence, if Yun Luofeng learned about it, it would affect Xiao Mo too.

Little Tree sensibly nodded and childishly said, “Okay.”

“Kill all these people, and don’t waste time. We will go find Master after we kill them.” Huohuo looked up and watched the screaming people with her eyes rolling with flames, her murderous aura rushing out.


The moment she finished speaking, the vines turned into sharp thorns and pierced into the people’s chests. Blood seeped out of their chest, dying their lapels red.

With a wave of his hand, Little Tree recalled all of his vines, and the corpses plunged down, piling into a mountain.

Although Huohuo had killed many people in this life, and even Little Tree had been tainted with blood on his hands for the first time, they were not bloodthirsty people.

The spirit beasts were used, and it was not their intention to kill people. If it weren’t for Zilian’s jade flute, they would not uncontrollably attack Yun Luofeng…

Hence, after Little Tree whipped them a hundred times, he released them.

“You can leave.” Huohuo haughtily tilted her chin with her hands on her hips. “You weren’t at fault for this, so I won’t kill you. The one hundred lashes just now were your punishment. I hope you won’t engage in this type of event in the future.”


All the beasts made a call and gratefully glanced at Huohuo before stampeding down the mountain at lightning speed.

“Let’s go.” Huohuo bent down and picked up Little Tree, heading down the mountain as well.

It was not until after they left that Duan Yichen groggily opened his eyes. He rubbed his aching forehead with a deep frown. “What happened? Didn’t I follow the people who came to annihilate the Ghost Emperor for the excitement? Why am I here?”

He clearly was not fully awake, but when he saw the mountain of corpses, he jolted from the shock.

“These… these are the strong cultivators from all the major factions? Just what had happened? How come I don’t remember anything?” Pain shot through his head and he staggeringly stood up. “It’s not safe here! I must quickly leave!”

It was deep into the night. Inside the inn at the base of Phoenix Mountain, two bodies were intertwined on the large bed, sweat flowing down their lengths.

Yun Luofeng laid on the bed, and her hand was tracing the man’s handsome face with slightly narrowed eyes. “Yun Xiao, I said me on top, you on bottom!”

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