Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1218) - Endless Loving Affections (3

Chapter 1218: Endless Loving Affections (3)

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Hearing Huohuo’s words, Little Tree turned to the people leaving, and his soft voice uttered, “Kill!”

Yes! Anyone who bullied his parents deserved to die!


Countless vines raised from underneath the ground again. Without waiting for those people to escape, the vines already wrapped around them, turning them immobile.

“Little Tree, whip them to death for me. Right, don’t kill the woman who played the flute. Your dad said to sell her to a brothel. Doesn’t she like to gain men’s favor? Then we will fulfill her desires,” Huohuo ordered with her hands on her hips.

The chubby baby waved his hand, and countless vine whips appeared in front of those people. Under their fearful gazes, the whips mercilessly lashed down.

Swish, swish, swish!

Only the sound of the whip cutting through the air rang in the mountain, along with those heart-wrenching screams.

“Just wait! Many people want to kill the Ghost Emperor, he will eventually die in the hands of justice defenders one day! Hahaha!” The Boundless Sect elder broke into deranged laughter, and a red gleam shone in his eyes. It was evident he had fallen into madness.

The more ruthless his curses, the quicker the whip, until the old man could not speak another word.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Huohuo narrowed her eyes, turning her dangerous gaze toward Duan Yichen. “You are companions with them, you came here to defeat Sir Yun Xiao.”

Sweat dripped from Duan Yichen’s forehead, as he defended himself with an abashed smile. “I only came for the excitement. This has nothing to do with me, you can continue.”

Huohuo stroked her chin and tilted her head up. “Seeing as how you aren’t inherently evil, I will spare you. However, you aren’t permitted to speak of today’s matters.”

“Alright, I guarantee I won’t say anything.” Duan Yichen hastily nodded and swore.

“That won’t do.” Huohuo shook her head. “I can’t trust you. If you told other people about Little Tree and my identity, Master and Sir Yun Xiao will be hunted by more people, so you must consume this pill.”

Duan Yichen was taken aback and looked at the pill she handed to him with a slight frown. “What is this?”

“This pill will make you forget what happened these past few days.”

Forget everything that happened these past few days? Didn’t that also mean he would… forget Yun Luofeng?

He did not know why his heart felt cruelly squeezed when he heard her words. He raised his hand but could not bring himself to accept the pill.

“Can’t it be enough that I promise to not tell other people?” he asked as he looked up at Huohuo.

Huohuo blinked. “We have not known each other that long. I don’t know your identity or your personality, so why should I believe you?”

Duan Yichen bitterly chuckled. He accepted the pill and closed his eyes.

Since it was like this, he would pretend the last few days of interactions were all a dream. He woke up, so he should forget…

Duan Yichen swallowed the pill with closed eyes. Instantly, he felt his body twitch and his consciousness turning into a blur. He slowly fell to the ground.

Huohuo’s mouth was tightly pursed as she watched Duan Yichen’s fallen body and asked, “Little Tree, am I too cruel?”

Little Tree tilted his head and curiously blinked, as though he did not understand Huohuo’s words.

“In truth, Duan Yichen is quite a decent person. Although he also came to eradicate Sir Yun Xiao, he has taken good care of us on this journey. He also took good care of me while Master was unconscious for three days… However, in my mind, Master is the most important person. For Master, I am willing to do any cruel thing.”

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