Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1216 - Endless Loving Affections (1)

Chapter 1216: Endless Loving Affections (1)

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Zilian snapped out her stupor and began playing the jade flute again, and all of the immobile spiritual beasts started launching attacks at Little Tree.

Little Tree’s face was dark from anger. He brandished his meaty arms and extended his palms toward the sky. With a bang, countless vines shot out of the ground and instantly wound around the beasts’ legs, dangling them in the air.

It was not over yet…

How could hanging them up in the air be enough to pacify the fury in Little Tree? Hence, he allowed more vines to creep out and turned them into a long whip, mercilessly whipping those spiritual beasts.

Silence… The entire world drowned in silence.

Zilian’s hand loosened from fright, and the jade flute fell on the ground. Her face was ashen white as she fearfully stared at the smug Little Tree.

“Hoho,” Huohuo snorted, and she had her hands propped against her hips as she said, “I really don’t know where you got the guts to attack Little Tree. Since I was willing to leave Little Tree on the ground, you should have been able to guess that he wasn’t someone you could provoke.”

Zilian bit her lips, despair on her pale face. “Impossible… this is absolutely impossible…”

He was nothing but a child! So how was he able to defeat so many spiritual beasts in an instant?

She wouldn’t believe it! She absolutely wouldn’t believe some people could possess this sort of power the second they were born!

At this time, the black-robed man had already taken care of all the opponents in front of him and appeared in front of her with his menacing aura.

Zilian harshly swallowed. Her gaze slowly moved up, and after she saw the man’s icy mask, a drop of cold sweat trickled down from her forehead. “Ghost… Ghost Emperor…”


The man’s energy was full of murderous intent as it heavily landed in her chest. At that moment, she could hear the shattering of her dantian and the spiritual energy in her also started leaking out.

“You lack men!” The man’s eyes were icy, and his voice was cold and heartless. “The brothels can use you.”

You lack men, the brothels can use you!

This man would never waste a word for unimportant people. A single sentence clearly and simply disclosed his intention.

Don’t you lack men? There are many men who frequent low-grade brothels, so you are well suited to that kind of place.

Fear flashed through Zilian’s eyes, and she hastily got up from the ground. She kneeled in front of Yun Xiao with an ashen face and pleaded, “Ghost Emperor, I was wrong. I admit my error. I won’t dare to team up with other people to oppose you in the future! I beg you to spare me this once! I guarantee I will work extremely hard to repay you!”

How could she dare to continue to be boastful at a time like this? If she wanted to save herself, she could only apologize profusely.


The instant she crawled toward the man on her knees, the man waved his sleeve, flinging her away.

Zilian spat out a mouthful of blood, and her face turned paler.

She regretted it… she regretted fighting Yun Xiao! This man was not someone they could handle.

“Sir Yun Xiao.” Huohuo made eyes at Yun Xiao. “Leave the people here for me to handle. I guarantee I will finish the task with Little Tree and won’t leave a single one behind. Go enjoy a couple’s world with Master.”

She resolved to be a spiritual beast who shared her master’s tribulations. Since Master has not seen Yun Xiao in so long, they must want to be alone. As for the aftermath, she would suffice.

Yun Xiao walked toward Yun Luofeng and was unable to move his eyes away from the giggling Little Tree.

“He is… our son?”

Don’t blame Yun Xiao for misunderstanding Yun Luofeng. Although Little Tree was only a few months old, he could still see his own shadow in him. Little Tree’s features were especially similar to his…

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