Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1215 - Seeing Yun Xiao Again (10)

Chapter 1215: Seeing Yun Xiao Again (10)

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Zilian watched how Yun Luofeng got closer and closer to her, and panic finally flashed through her eyes. Suddenly, her gaze drifted to Little Tree, who had been tossed to the ground by Huohuo, and joy flitted through her eyes.

Zilian did not bother thinking about why Huohuo would leave Little Tree on the ground without worry. She also did not think about how Little Tree was clearly a child but he did not cry or make a fuss upon seeing this type of scene and was giggling nonstop instead.

It was exactly because she did not ponder over it more that she would do something that would cause her painful regret…

Zilian played her jade flute again, but it was no longer pointed at Yun Luofeng. She sharply glanced at the Little Tree crawling on the ground, and her lips turned up with a cruel smile.

“Miss Yun, watch out for your child!” Duan Yichen shouted, worry flashing through his eyes.

He came late, so he did not know what had happened yet and only knew that Yun Luofeng started fighting with these people. However, these people did not want to spare even her child…

Yun Luofeng appeared as if she did not hear his words and continued facing her enemies, completely unconcerned about Little Tree’s safety.

“Hahaha.” Little Tree waved his arms toward the spirit beasts pouncing on him, a dazzling smile covering his adorable face.

“Roar!” A male lion landed in front of Little Tree and opened his ferocious mouth, biting Little Tree’s meaty shoulder.

“It’s over!” Duan Yichen hastily covered his eyes, unable to bear seeing the inhuman scene of Little Tree being bitten to death by a spirit beast.

But, he could not resist cracking a sliver between his fingers. The scene he anticipated did not happen. Little Tree also was not ripped apart by the lion and disappeared instead…

When he searched for Little Tree in astonishment, he suddenly realized that the little guy, who was still crawling on the ground just a moment ago, was now somehow sitting on top of the male lion’s head. Because the mane of the male lion was too buoyant and covered Little Tree, he did not find him in the beginning. It was not until a meaty arm extended from the thick mane that people discovered Little Tree’s presence.

On the mountain, besides the roars of the spirit beasts, not a single human produced a sound.

Zilian was dumbfounded and looked at Little Tree with a stupefied expression. She harshly rubbed her eyes, not daring to believe the scene she was seeing.

“How is this possible? He’s merely a child!” Zilian’s face was pale, and even her voice was shaky.

Everything in front of her exceeded her expectations. She had lived for several decades, but she had never witnessed such a strange sight.

The image of Little Tree riding on the male lion’s back fell into everyone’s eyes. It was as though they saw a rat standing on a cat’s claw…

“Kekeke!” Little Tree’s crisp laughter pierced through the growls and roars of the spirit beasts, incredibly striking and ear-splitting.

“Roar!” The male lion turned furious and mercilessly made a tossing motion, vainly attempting to fling Little Tree off of his head.

Little Tree’s laughter dissipated, and his eyebrows were tightly knitted together, clearly displeased.

He was angry! And when he got angry, the consequences were serious!

Little Tree staggeringly stood up on the male lion’s head and furiously slapped the lion’s head. Because the lion’s mane was too thick, he could not feel Little Tree’s tiny hand.

However, other people were scared witless by Little Tree’s actions. Newborn calves truly weren’t afraid of tigers! A baby who did not even have a tooth fully grown yet dared to ride on a male lion’s back? And even dared to hit him?

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