Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1214 - Seeing Yun Xiao Again (9)

Chapter 1214: Seeing Yun Xiao Again (9)

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“Miss Zilian!” The Boundless Sect elder’s expression shifted as he asked, “You aren’t serious, right?”

Zilian did not look at the old man and remained focused on Yun Xiao with a seductive smile. “How about it? Isn’t this term very beneficial for you? No matter what, my beauty alone means you won’t lose anything! In truth, if I didn’t want to see what type of person the legendary Ghost Emperor was, I probably would have rejected the Boundless Sect’s invitation. You should feel honored by this.”

“Shameless!” Huohuo glanced at Zilian with a snort, her soft voice derisive. “You think you’re considered beautiful? A single toe of my master is better looking than you!”

Indeed, although Zilian’s looks were pretty, her face unfortunately had a scar. This scar forcefully destroyed her prettiness.

However, what Zilian detested the most in her life was someone insulting her as ugly!

“You’re seeking death!” Her eyes turned cold, and she placed the jade flute by her lips again. The spirit beasts, whose movements became sluggish earlier, were revitalized again and arrived in front of Yun Luofeng and Huohuo with lightning speed.

No one saw how the chubby baby in Huohuo’s arms was not frightened into crying by these beasts and had started giggling instead. His little delicate arms swung in the air, and a bright smile appeared on his baby face. He smiled joyfully, as though he had received some new, curious toy.

“Little Tree, stay here. I need to fight by Master’s side.” Huohuo tossed Little Tree on the ground and rushed to the front of Yun Luofeng. Her chin was raised as she haughtily looked down on the spirit beasts charging toward them.

“You little critters think you can harm my master? Let me show you who’s the true King of the Beasts!”


Flames ignited on Huohuo’s body, and countless flames covered the entire sky, illuminating the mountain red.

Eight tails came into existence behind her. These eight tails all represented the source of her power, so it caused people to feel the surging rush of power inside of her, so strong that it could not be matched.

Among spirit beasts, the spirit beasts with noble bloodlines could exercise a restraint on normal spirit beasts. Even though these spirit beasts were under Zilian’s control, they were all startled, and fear flashed through their eyes.

Unfortunately, Zilian quickly controlled their consciousness again and ordered them to charge toward Yun Luofeng…

The second that Duan Yichen reached the mountain peak, he caught sight of Huohuo enveloped in flames. The eight fiery red tails behind Huohuo, in particular, were clearly reflected in his eyes, scaring him so much that he nearly fainted.

The little girl he had interacted with during this period of time was actually a… spirit beast? What could be more astonishing than that?

Thankfully, he had not done anything that would anger Yun Luofeng or Huohuo. Otherwise, who knew whether this spirit beast would fly into a rage and kill him on the spot?

The more he thought about it, the gladder he became. Even so, he still could not calm the shock in his mind.

On the battlefield, the girl’s white clothes were drenched in blood, and her black hair fluttered in the air. She held a long sword in her hand, matching her austere features.

Blood spurted out of the spirit beasts, splattering her face. However, she did not stop and continued charging forward and meeting enemies head-on.

Zilian’s expression darkened. In her eyes, Yun Luofeng should meet a tragic end in the midst of the spirit beasts in the next second. Somehow, she managed to use her left arm alone to clear a bloody path for herself.

“This won’t do. If things continue like this, we also aren’t their opponents! We must take care of them as soon as possible.”

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