Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1211 - Seeing Yun Xiao Again (6)

Chapter 1211: Seeing Yun Xiao Again (6)

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Zilian delicately smiled. “I was merely joking. I can still judge what is important. Although it’s regretful, I will still kill him!”

Having obtained Zilian’s guarantee, the Boundless Sect elder started laughing. The reason they dared to come to Phoenix Mountain to seek revenge from the Ghost Emperor was because they had a trump card like Zilian!

If it was her strength alone, Zilian could not contend with the Ghost Emperor. However, Zilian’s true strong point did not lie in her strength…

Zilian’s hand turned over, and a jade flute 1  suddenly appeared in her palm. This jade flute was shiny all over, akin to jadeite, and so beautiful that people could not turn their eyes away.

“Beast Controlling Flute?” Seeing the jade flute that Zilian pulled out, everyone was astonished. “The Boundless Sect’s elder referred to her as Miss Zilian just now, could it be that she is the sect leader of the Beast Taming Sect, Qin Zilian?”

If Zilian claimed her beast-taming abilities were number two in the world, then no one would claim to be number one! Within the Seven Province Continent, Zilian was unrivaled!

“Beast Taming Sect? Central Province’s Beast Taming Sect? Heavens, the Boundless Sect’s Elder actually invited a strong cultivator from the Central Province here.”

Seeing Zilian’s appearance, delight replaced the despair in everyone. As long as Zilian acted, the outcome of this battle was clear.

While everyone was immersed in their discussion, Zilian already placed the jade flute by her lips, and a graceful song flowed out, slowly meandering through the tranquil mountain.

All the spirit beasts in Phoenix Mountain called out, as though to answer Zilian’s summon!

In West Province, besides God Burial Mountain, Phoenix Mountain was the most dangerous. Of course, compared to the mad spirit beasts on God Burial Mountain, the spirit beasts of Phoenix Mountain typically did not attack people. That was unless people provoked them first or snatched the medicinal ingredients they were protecting…

However, hearing Zilian’s summons now, these spirit beasts all sprinted over, and countless birds circled above them, calling melodiously.

The spirit beasts of the entire Phoenix Mountain were probably charging here…

Below the mountain peak, the sound of a stampede came from behind, first far and then near. It rapidly reached the back of Yun Luofeng and the others.

This was the frightening scene that Duan Yichen caught the moment he turned his head back. He hurriedly said, “Miss Yun, careful!”

Yun Luofeng frowned. Before she could understand what had happened, these spirit beasts had already shot past them and were rushing toward the peak of the mountain.

“That frightened me to death.” Duan Yichen wiped the sweat from his forehead and exhaled. “I thought the spirit beasts on Phoenix Mountain had gone mad.”

Instantly, Yun Luofeng appeared to have realized something, and her face abruptly darkened.

“This is bad!” After saying this, her figure turned into a ray of light and charged forward in the blink of an eye.

“Master, wait for me!” In a panic, Huohuo shouted ‘master’ without thinking. At the same time, her figure also turned into a light and quickly disappeared.

“Master?” Duan Yichen was startled. “Wasn’t that girl Miss Yun’s younger sister? Why did she call her ‘Master’? Also… this girl looks like she’s only six years old, yet she was so fast that even I couldn’t catch up.”

Duan Yichen could not understand the reason even after contemplating it for a while. Afraid that something would happen to Yun Luofeng, he hurriedly chased after the two of them…

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