Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1209 - Seeing Yun Xiao Again (4)

Chapter 1209: Seeing Yun Xiao Again (4)

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At the peak of Phoenix Mountain, a man stood with his arms behind his back and his black robes gently fluttering in the air. He sensed footsteps from behind him, but he did not look back. His silver mask was glaringly bright from the reflections of the sun.

“Ghost Emperor, we’ve finally found you!”

The elder from the Boundless Sect walked up, out of breath. His furious eyes were fiercely glaring at the masked man, and his teeth were tightly clenched. “Continue to escape if you can. You’ve killed so many people from our Boundless Sect and also wiped out the entire Infinite Sect. It’s time for retribution!”

The man slowly turned around, his abyssal eyes coldly watching the crowd in front of him. His icy and harsh aura rushed out. It was so powerful that it made him look like a king lording it over the world and looking down on the people!

“Scram!” His lips minutely parted, and his rough and low voice struck everyone’s heart. This man was always incredibly powerful and indifferent, disregarding everyone!

It was also this man who made everyone clench their teeth in anger, wishing nothing more than to erase him from the world.

“Ghost Emperor, hand over the Void Mirror, and your life will be spared!” the elder from the Boundless Sect menacingly said.

The man’s cold gaze settled on the old man.

For reasons unknown, when the old man met the man’s dark eyes, he could feel his heart tremble, as though a hand was mercilessly squeezing his neck, making it extremely difficult for him to breath.

“Let’s go up together and kill the Ghost Emperor!” the Boundless Sect elder waved his hand, and stated with dark eyes, “No matter how strong he is, he is only one person. We have so many people among us, should we be afraid of him instead?”

A pair of hands could hardly fight against four legs. Regardless of how powerful the Ghost Emperor was, there was no way he would be so many people’s opponent!


As soon as the elder finished speaking, all the experts behind him rushed toward Yun Xiao and encircled him in the center. However, no one dared to carelessly act.

They feared the cold and solemn aura around the man and did not dare to be the first to act, afraid that they would not even retain their corpse under the man’s murderous aura.

If someone once told them that a true strong cultivator could kill people with their murderous aura alone, they would certainly laugh in ridicule. However, from the Ghost Emperor’s body, they could feel a murderous aura that was enough to steal someone’s life…

This man was so powerful that merely standing beside him would make them feel a pressure that made it difficult to breathe.

Wild winds whistled past them, and the man’s black robes flew up in the air. A cold glint reflected off of the mask, adding to his sharp and austere aura. His eyes were like a deep pond that chilled people to their bones.

Seeing everyone staying in place due to prudence, the Boundless Sect elder harshly gritted his teeth before charging toward Yun Xiao.

Instantly, a power like a flood exploded and shot toward Yun Xiao.


Yun Xiao lightly lifted his hand and tightly clutched the man’s fist. A formidable wave of power spread out from them, sending a storm of dust flying in the air.

The man exerted all his strength to retract his fist but discovered that it was tightly held in place. Regardless of how much strength he used, he could not move his fist even a smidgen.

Shock invaded his mind, and he hurriedly looked up at the man in front of him, involuntarily inhaling a sharp breath.

“Ghost Emperor, I didn’t expect that your strength would be raised again in such a short amount of time. But so what? It is not only people from the Boundless Sect that came today, but other strong cultivators in the West Province also came. You are destined to be unable to escape this calamity, haha!”

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