Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1206 - Seeing Yun Xiao Again (1)

Chapter 1206: Seeing Yun Xiao Again (1)

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Duan Yichen chuckled and scratched the back of his head. “I said yesterday that I only came for the adventure. I don’t care what they do, I only came to raise my strength at Phoenix Mountain…”

Yun Luofeng did not comment. Her fingers gently ran through Little Tree’s hair, the killing intent in her dark eyes growing.

“Let’s depart.” The old man from the Boundless Sect swept his eyes over everyone present and imperiously said, “This time, we will head to Phoenix Mountain, and we must kill off the Ghost Emperor and avenge the innocent, deceased souls from the Infinite Sect!”

“Revenge! Seek revenge for the Infinite Sect! Eliminate the threat, the Ghost Emperor!”

Everyone raised the weapon in their hand, and their dauntless voices echoed on the streets of the small town.

Did they really come to find Yun Xiao to avenge Infinite Sect? In truth, their aim was merely the Void Mirror!

“Duan Yichen.” As though she thought of something, Yun Luofeng turned to look at him. “What is the Void Mirror that you previously mentioned?”

“You don’t know about the Void Mirror?” Duan Yichen was somewhat astonished. “Legend says that the Void Mirror was a treasure once possessed by a strong cultivator named Void. They say that you can obtain all of Void’s inheritances from the mirror! It will also cause your strength to change its nature.”


Yun Luofeng grew silent and pondered over it for a long time, but she still did not know how she should use this Void Mirror.

The crowd already started walking toward Phoenix Mountain in a showy fashion. Phoenix Mountain was not that much smaller than Burial God Mountain, so it would not be that easy for her to find Yun Xiao in such a giant mountain.

A day was spent on traveling, and night soon descended. Everyone took out their tent and prepared to camp for the night.

“Miss Yun, I have a spare tent, do you need it?” Duan Yichen asked while scratching his head after a glance at the completely unprepared Yun Luofeng.

Yun Luofeng shook her head. “No need, I can spend the night under a tree.”

“Alright then.”

Faced with Yun Luofeng’s rejection, Duan Yichen did not say anything else. With another glance toward the girl sitting in a tree, he started raising his tent on an empty space.

The flames from the bonfire were very bright and illuminated the girl’s beautiful face.

Yun Luofeng handed Little Tree to Huohuo, and jumped down, sitting cross-legged at the base of the tree. Unknown to everyone, her spirit had entered the God’s Code Space.

“Master…” Xiao Mo, who was still crouched in a corner drawing circles, caught sight of Yun Luofeng, and his eyes immediately brightened. He hastily stood up. “Why did you come, Master?”

“Xiao Mo, can you think of a method to use the Void Mirror?” Yun Luofeng lightly frowned. “The enemies that I have to face are too strong. I won’t have the power to contend with them unless I manage to establish a contract with the Void Mirror.”

Xiao Mo grew silent. It was a while before he looked up at Yun Luofeng and said, “We’ve already tried to make it recognize you as its master by dripping your blood on it, but it didn’t have any effects. However…”

He paused for a moment before continuing, “You only used normal blood back then. You can try using essence blood. But it takes a long time to recover each drop of essence blood that you spend. I was afraid that you would fail and waste your essence blood instead, so I didn’t inform you.”

“I must try any means possible. I won’t spare any method to raise my strength right now.” Yun Luofeng slightly looked up, her eyes solemn.

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