Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1205 - Ye Family's Ancestor (11)

Chapter 1205: Ye Family’s Ancestor (11)

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The next day, by daybreak, the streets were already bustling with noise.

The handsome man who struck up a conversation with Yun Luofeng yesterday caught sight of the beautiful girl, and a glint flashed through his eyes.

The girl had a months-old baby in her embrace and held the hand of a six or seven-year-old girl, slowly walking toward them under everyone’s attention.

When he saw the plump baby in the girl’s embrace, the man’s heart chilled. Did this beautiful girl already marry?

“Miss, these two children are…” the man finally went up and asked.

Yun Luofeng glanced at the man. “My younger sister and… my son.”


The man was immediately thunderstruck. He felt an interest in Yun Luofeng yesterday and originally wanted to woo her, but reality mercilessly slapped him in the face.

This girl actually told him she had a son?

The man felt a chilly wind blow into his heart, turning it so cold that he shivered.

Ever since yesterday, Yun Luofeng had felt the man’s intentional flirting, so she purposefully called Little Tree her son. However, she did not expect that her words would hurt Xiao Mo.

“Master, you’re being unfair! How come you never admitted my identity when I once pretended to be your son? Yet you admitted it when it’s Little Tree instead?” Xiao Mo wanted to cry but had no tears. The more he thought about it, the sadder he became. He unconsciously began to regret persuading Yun Luofeng to take Little Tree in. Little Tree had stolen his love from Yun Luofeng, how could he not be grieved?

Hearing Xiao Mo’s aggrieved voice, Yun Luofeng slightly cast down her eyes and smiled, using spirit voice transmittance to say, “Because… I can’t have given birth to a son as old as you.”

Xiao Mo responded with silence and quietly started drawing circles while crouched in the corner…

“Humph!” The old man snorted and turned his head away from Yun Luofeng. He evidently felt disdainful towards her bringing her son and younger sister on their expedition against the Ghost Emperor.

“Cough cough.” The man dryly coughed, his face recovering his dashing smile. “I didn’t introduce myself yesterday. My name is Duan Yichen, what’s yours?”

The corner of Yun Luofeng’s lips minutely turned up. “Yun Luofeng.”

“Yun Luofeng? That’s quite a nice name. Maple leaves falling between the clouds, haha.” The man heartily chuckled before walking to her side and whispering, “Right, that old man is an elder of the Boundless Sect, one of the factions who hunted the Ghost Emperor at the beginning, which is why he was so enraged by your words yesterday.”

Yun Luofeng glanced at the old man with raised eyebrows. “So it’s like that.”

“Miss Yun, don’t offend this old man. He is very powerful. If you offend him, you will have some difficult days ahead of you.”

“I know my limits.” A cold glint flashed through Yun Luofeng’s eyes.

In order to snatch the Void Mirror, these people were willing to hunt down Yun Xiao for thousands of miles. She would not spare them based on this point alone.

However, Duan Yichen misunderstood her words as her accepting his advice, and he unconsciously sighed in relief.

“That’s good then. Don’t show off around these people. Otherwise, these shameless old farts will certainly seek trouble with you.”

Perhaps afraid that the people from the Boundless Sect would hear him, Duan Yichen purposefully lowered his volume while saying that.

“You also came here to annihilate the Ghost Emperor?” Yun Luofeng asked, turning to Duan Yichen.

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