Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1203 - Ye Family's Ancestor (9)

Chapter 1203: Ye Family’s Ancestor (9)

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“Infinite Sect? Why did he eradicate the Infinite Sect?” Yun Luofeng asked after another sip of tea.

The man pondered about it before answering, “I heard that some historical remains were excavated that day, and Ghost Emperor and people from several major factions went after it after hearing about it. However, the most valuable treasure in the historical remains, the Void Mirror, was snatched by the Ghost Emperor, causing those factions to hunt him down in fury.”

Void Mirror?

If Yun Luofeng initially was not certain whether the Ghost Emperor of this continent was Yun Xiao, after hearing this man’s words, she was 100% certain. The reason was none other than the fact that the Void Mirror was in her hands.

“Since this Void Mirror was obtained by the Ghost Emperor, then it naturally belongs to him. What right do the other factions have to hunt him down?” Yun Luofeng derisively stated with a snort.

The man jolted due to her words and wanted to vocally stop her, but it was too late.

Instantly, the sight of everyone inside the tea house landed on Yun Luofeng’s face.

“Apologies, apologies.” The handsome man hastily stood up and apologetically said, “My friend doesn’t know the reasons behind this matter, which is why she carelessly spoke. I hope everyone will forgive her this time.”

“Humph!” Among those seated in the teahouse, an old man snorted, his cold eyes sliding toward Yun Luofeng. “Miss, you should know better about what is allowable and what is prohibited to say! The Ghost Emperor was the one in the wrong from the start! So what if he managed to snatch the Void Mirror? He doesn’t know how to use the Void Mirror, so he was being a dog in the manger! Moreover, the Ghost Emperor doesn’t belong to the West Province, so what right does he have to take an item that belongs to our West Province?”

“That’s right! The Ghost Emperor is abominable! Even if the other major factions started hunting him down first, he shouldn’t have killed all the people of the Infinite Sect! Furthermore, the Infinite Sect was merely hunting him down and did not kill him, so what right did he have to eradicate the Infinite Sect?”

“Miss, you spoke up for the Ghost Emperor, so are you from his side? If you are one of his people, then we will kill you first!”

The man became more panicked and continued to explain on Yun Luofeng’s behalf before facing everyone and remorsefully stated, “She is my junior sister and doesn’t know the Ghost Emperor. She only came with me here out of curiosity and is ignorant of the situation. Seniors, please don’t fault her.”

“I will temporarily let your junior sister off on your behalf. If there is a next time, don’t blame me for being merciless!” the elderly said, riled up, with a snort.

In their eyes, the Ghost Emperor deserved to die. Who permitted him to take away the Void Mirror? That Void Mirror belonged to the West Province. What right did an outsider like him have to take it away?

“Let me tell you a story.” Yun Luofeng looked at the man sitting down in front of her with a smile. “There was once a murderer who was given the death penalty! The reason was the one who the murderer killed wanted to kill him. So out of self-defense, that murderer accidentally killed the other person and provoked public rage in the end. Do you know what those people said?”

The man curiously blinked. “What did they say?”

“Those people said, even if the other party wanted to kill you, you shouldn’t have killed him. Moreover, you weren’t killed off by him, so what right did you have to kill him in the first place? Hence, I think that if anyone is hunting you down in the future, you shouldn’t retaliate. You can only stand there and allow him to kill you without fighting back,” Yun Luofeng absentmindedly commented after another sip of tea.


The man spat out his mouthful of tea. If Yun Luofeng did not dodge in time, her face would have been drenched.

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