Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1201 - Ye Family's Ancestor (7)

Chapter 1201: Ye Family’s Ancestor (7)

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Xiao Ru did not grace Jing Jiang with a single look, as her beautiful eyes were completely focused on the man.

“Master…” She finally called out this title from years ago, though her voice was trembling. “Master, Jing Jiang and I are innocent. I merely mistook him for you, which is why I was together with him.”

As though struck by lightning, Jing Jiang was completely dumbfounded. What did Ru’er’s words mean? She had mistaken him for someone else all along?

The man looked up at Xiao Ru. His expression did not have the gentleness from when he was facing Huohuo, and his eyes were cold as though they were frozen.

“I saw everything that you did to Huohuo. Only someone like Jing Jiang would believe in your story! What was laughable was that you would actually be idiotic enough to mistake him as me!”

“Master, Disciple was wrong. Disciple was truly wrong.” Tears stained Xiao Ru’s face, and her body was fiercely shuddering.

Not many men would be able to resist seeing such a beauty crying so pitifully. Unfortunately, this man remained expressionless and icy.

“Leave. Don’t ever appear in front of Huohuo again. I don’t wish for you to disturb her.”

Xiao Ru’s eyes were red, and a jealous fury erupted from them. “Master, Huohuo is merely a fox, what is good about her? Why do you love her alone?”


With a swish of his hand, Xiao Ru’s body was flung back, and she fell on the floor in a disheveled state. A trace of blood dripped from her mouth, and her hand tightly clutched her chest as she looked at the man with despair.

“I’ve crippled your strength, so even if you continue to steal someone’s body and be reborn in the future, you still won’t be able to cultivate! Hence, even if you steal away the body of a peerless genius, you won’t be a threat to Huohuo at all.”

Xiao Ru lowered her head, and her heart trembled more fiercely at this moment. Her master who was so incredibly protective of Huohuo, and afraid that she would hurt Huohuo, had no scruples against crippling her strength.

Perhaps, she was wrong from the start. If she did not verbally humiliate Huohuo due to her jealousy back then, Master wouldn’t have driven her away in a fit of anger…

“Miss.” The man slowly turned and looked at Yun Luofeng, and a gentle smile appeared on his handsome face again. “Seeing how protective you are of Huohuo, I can leave without worry. With a master like you, Huohuo is very blessed.”

Yun Luofeng was silent for a moment before saying, “In 20 years, if you forget Huohuo, then I… absolutely won’t spare you!”

The man smiled. “I’m sorry, but you won’t have the chance to not spare me!”

As he said this, his body started turning transparent, as though he would dissipate with a breeze.

“Ah Ye!” Huohuo hurriedly raised her hand, wanting to grasp the man’s hand.

The man also extended his larger hand to hold her hand…

However, just as their hands were about to grasp each other, the man’s spirit completely disappeared.

Huohuo was dumbfounded. Her hand was frozen in the air as she blankly stared at the place that the man disappeared, unable to look away. She had longed for him for so many years, and they met again with great difficulties, but they had to be separated again?

“Huohuo, if you want to cry, then cry.” Yun Luofeng walked to Huohuo’s side and soothingly patted her head.

Huohuo’s eyes started stinging, but she forcefully stifled the tears, determination filling her face. “I believe that we will meet again one day!”

That day wouldn’t be too distant…

Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes and turned her gaze toward Family Head Ling. With raised brows, she asked, “You said that you wanted to encircle and annihilate the Ghost Emperor, so do you know where that will take place?”

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