Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1200 - Ye Family's Ancestor (6)

Chapter 1200: Ye Family’s Ancestor (6)

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But she would rather wrongly kill thousands than allow anyone who wanted to harm Yun Xiao to slip away!

“Ah Ye.” Huohuo raised her chin. “If you want me to forgive you, then help me kill these people!”

The elderly man felt the rising killing intent from the man, and his face turned pale from fear. He called out in alarm, “No, you can’t…”


The man had already extended a finger the second Huohuo finished speaking and gently pointed it at the old man. In a flash, pain erupted in the old man’s throat, and fresh blood shot out like a pillar, instantly dying the ground red.

His eyes flew open, and his body fell back with a bang, harshly crashing to the floor.

“Alright.” The man turned his head, his indulgent gaze enveloping Huohuo. “Are you satisfied yet? If you aren’t, just tell me. As long as it’s your request, I will certainly satisfy it.”

Huohuo bit her lips. “I want you to not leave me. Can you do it?”

The man’s expression froze, and he stated with a bitter smile, “I’ve already died. I’m currently a spirit without flesh and blood. I need to be reincarnated.”

“No. I won’t let you leave.” Huohuo’s sight hastily turned to Yun Luofeng. “Master, you must have a way to allow Ah Ye’s spirit to be permanently preserved, right?”

Yun Luofeng grew silent.

Seeing her taciturn expression, Huohuo’s heart was harshly squeezed, and her tears flowed down without restraint.

“Silly girl.” The man used his finger to gently flick away the teardrops at the corner of Huohuo’s eyes and said with a gentle smile, “So what if I could stay? I wouldn’t be able to marry you. Huohuo, wait 20 more years for me. I will come and find you in 20 years…”

“What if… what if you forget about me after you reincarnate? What then?” Huohuo quietly asked, her head lowered.

“I won’t.” The man’s eyes were incredibly determined. “I can forget anyone, but I absolutely won’t forget you! Huohuo, don’t ever be deceived from now on. You must remember that the person who doesn’t recognize you definitely isn’t me! I’ve already engraved you into my soul, so how could I forget you?”

“Alright.” Huohuo’s bright eyes looked up. “Then I will wait for you! No matter how many years, I will wait for you!”

She had already waited for Yun Luofeng for several thousand years and waited for Ah Ye for a thousand years, so what was several more decades?

“Silly girl, although you have lived several thousand years, your body is too tiny. I truly wish you could grow bigger. That way, we can marry sooner.” The man’s hand dotingly patted Huohuo’s head and left an affectionate kiss on the top of her head. “If you really can’t continue growing, that’s no problem either. Even if I feel like a criminal, I will still marry you for certain.”

Huohuo glanced at her young body and fell into contemplation…

Suddenly, the sound of someone stumbling came from outside the courtyard.

Xiao Ru’s face was incredibly pale, her body ceaselessly trembling. Her eyes were nearly emitting fire from her jealousy, and she wished nothing more than to shred Huohuo into thousands of pieces.

“Ru’er.” Seeing Xiao Ru’s appearance, joy seeped into Jing Jiang’s heart, and he quickly strode to her side, raising his hand to support her. “Are you alright, Ru’er?”

“Get lost!” Xiao Ru ruthlessly shoved Jing Jiang away and berated with disgust, “Don’t touch me with your dirty hands! You’re repulsive.”

Jing Jiang was taken back. There was no way he could believe that the extremely gentle Xiao Ru would say something like that to him.

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