Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1196 - The Ye Family's Ancestor (2)

Chapter 1196: The Ye Family’s Ancestor (2)

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Jing Jiang nodded seriously, his eyes resolute. “Okay, I’m going to those families now. If they don’t agree to yield to me, I will fight them to the death!” Saying this, Jing Jiang took a final look at Xiao Ru and walked out of the courtyard, his eyes determined.

Xiao Ru gazed at his receding figure and smiled. “Without some stimulation, his potential will never be achieved. If he wants to subdue those families with his present strength, he has to risk his life, and only then will his potential be brought out into full play.”

In Jing City, the City Master was no longer as respected as he used to be, especially after people found out that Jing Jiang, his son, was so weak. So she asked Jing Jiang to subdue those families and show her his ability.

“Don’t blame me for being cruel to you, Master. I really miss the past you who stood high on the top of the world.”

Xiao Ru’s eyes shone with a maniacal fervor. If Jing Jiang successfully restored his former strength this time, she would certainly stay by his side for the rest of her life.


She didn’t mind killing him herself and giving him a chance to start over again!

Outside the City Master Estate.

Huohuo released Yun Luofeng’s hand, her big bright eyes filled with grief.

“Master, let’s go back.”

“You don’t want to stay here anymore?” Yun Luofeng smiled and looked into her eyes.

Huohuo bit her lips, “He’s forgotten me. What’s the point of me staying here? Master, is it so easy to forget a person you met in your previous life?”

Yun Luofeng pondered for a while before raising her head and staring at the blue sky with her deep black eyes, “If there is really an afterlife, I will still recognize Yun Xiao at the first glance.”

Among the boundless huge crowd, only he would give her a special feeling, so she could recognize him at a single glance.

Huohuo lowered her head and kept silent.

Suddenly a figure rushed out of the City Master Estate and ran down the street.

Huohuo was stunned, “Ah Ye, what is he going to do?”

“Are you worried about him?” Yun Luofeng glanced at Huohuo and smiled. “If you’re really worried about him, we can follow him.”

Huohuo’s heart suddenly quivered. She wanted to turn around and leave, but Jing Jiang didn’t look right and she was really worried about him.

“Master, I… want to have a look.”

How could she just throw away the love that had lasted for a thousand years? Had it not been for Ah Ye, she could not have seen Master alive again.

“Let’s go.”

Yun Luofeng shook her head helplessly. Even though Huohuo promised to forget him, it wasn’t so easy for her.

The Ling Family.

Two guards were guarding the gate. Seeing the aggressive Jing Jiang, they were stunned.

“Young Master, our Master is having tea with guests. Please let me report to him before you go in.”

Jing Jiang snorted coldly and tried to intrude into the estate, ignoring the guards’ words.

The guards quickly stopped him, “Young Master, our Master is busy. Please allow us to report.”

“Get out of my way!”

Jing Jiang shouted angrily and tried to break in. At that moment, the Master of the Ling Family, who was receiving guests in the hall, heard the noise at the gate. With a deep frown, he said to the guest beside him, “Sorry, I’ll be back soon.”

Then he quickly walked out of the hall only to see Jing Jiang who was trying to intrude, and a cold gleam flashed through his eyes.

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