Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1195 - The Ye Family's Ancestor (1)

Chapter 1195: The Ye Family’s Ancestor (1)

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Yun Luofeng gave Xiao Ru a sharp kick, kicking her out of the pavilion. Her body rolled and fell into the nearby lotus pool with a splash.

“This one is for you making Huohuo sad!”

When Xiao Ru struggled to climb out of the lotus pool, Yun Luofeng came to her, pulled her out of the pool and kicked her in the chest again.

“This one is for you framing Huohuo!”

The girl flicked her sleeve and cast a domineering glance at Jing Jiang who was standing in amazement, her voice arrogant and full of killing intent.

“As long as I am here, no one is allowed to bully her!”

“You…” Jing Jiang turned purple with anger. Pointing at Yun Luofeng with trembling fingers, he was going to shout abuse. However, before he could utter his words, he was interrupted by the cold voice of the girl.

“I don’t think you’re the one in Huohuo’s heart, because Huohuo… wouldn’t like a man who doesn’t know right from wrong!”

Saying this, Yun Luofeng turned around, walked up to Huohuo and gazed at her.

“You came here to help him to repay his kindness, but he doesn’t need your help!” Yun Luofeng paused and continued, “Besides, you saved him on God Burial Mountain. You don’t owe him anything. Let’s go.”

Huohuo nodded and followed Yun Luofeng. Maybe because she was really hurt, she didn’t even look at Jing Jiang before she left.


Jing Jiang rushed to Xiao Ru and supported her, his face filled with nervousness and worry.

“Are you alright?”

Xiao Ru’s heart was filled with anger.

In the past, to protect Huohuo, Master had taken all kinds of risks. And in the end, he still managed to survive the hunting of so many strong masters! He said that he would spend his entire life to protect Huohuo! He took pains to achieve breakthroughs and improve his strength, just to keep Huohuo safe.

Why did he become so weak when he was trying to protecting her?

“I’m fine.” Xiao Ru stood up, and a restless and angry light flickered across her lowered eyes.

Did she really like the present Jing Jiang? No, she always believed that one day Jing Jiang would change back into that powerful master from a thousand years ago! But now she couldn’t help but doubt if she was wrong…

He was not that powerful Ye Family ancestor!

“Ru’er… ” Jing Jiang looked at Xiao Ru nervously, “are you really alright?”

Xiao Ru shook her head and said wearily, “I’m a little tired. I want to have a rest.”

“Ru’er!” Seeing that Xiao Ru was reluctant to talk to him, Jing Jiang becomes more and more anxious, “I’m sorry. I was so useless and couldn’t protect you…”

Xiao Ru stopped her step, and a sarcastic smile appeared over her lips.

“Brother Jing, I am a woman and I hope my man can protect me, but you looked so indifferent when someone was bullying me. I’m really disappointed!”

Jing Jiang wasn’t indifferent. He was just too scared. Yun Luofeng moved so fast that he didn’t even have the time to react.

“What should I do to make you forgive me?”

“Very simple. I want you to subdue the other families in the Jing City and annex the other cities with your own strength in the coming days. I want you to become strong. Can you do it?” Xiao Ru turned to Jiang Jing, her eyes glistening with tears, “After all, I don’t want to be bullied anymore!
Only when you become strong can you protect me.”

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