Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1192 - Huohuo 's Acquaintance (8)

Chapter 1192: Huohuo ‘s Acquaintance (8)

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He could tell that the little girl in red was deeply in love with Jing Jiang, but he already had a fiancée, so she was doomed to be disappointed.

“Thank you for doing this for me, and I’ll pay you back later.” Saying this, Yun Luofeng was going to leave.

An Zihao paused and quickly asked, “Can Miss and I follow you?”

Yun Luofeng stopped and shook her head. “It’s more dangerous for you to follow me.”

She didn’t know how many enemies she would encounter on this continent, so she wouldn’t take An Zihao and Arale with her.

“Besides…” she continued after a pause, “can you ask for leave?”

An Zihao lowered his head in frustration, wondering.

Looking back at him, Yun Luofeng gave him a comforting grin. “Don’t worry. While you are in this academy no one will hurt you. But if you follow me, you might even lose your lives.”

After saying this, she turned back and walked away without looking back. Her figure soon disappeared from the street…

Jing City.

It was not far from the West Province Academy, and it only took half a day to get there.

At this moment, at the gate of the Jing City, a girl in white stopped her steps. She stroked her chin and gazed at the ancient gate with narrowed eyes.


A flame shot out of her body and turned into a cute little girl, who landed by her side. She looked so nervous that she didn’t know where to put her hands.

Holding her little hand, Yun Luofeng asked, “Huohuo, will you regret coming to visit him when you see him?”

Huohuo shook her head, her face resolute, “Master, after the Medical God Code threw me out, I was chased by a group of people and seriously injured. At that time, he showed up and saved me. Now he is in trouble, and I should help him no matter whether because of reason or emotion.”

A touch of bitterness appeared on Huohuo’s face, yet she looked a little bit relieved.

“After I help him solve his troubles, we’ll… be even!”

We’ll be even!

Yun Luofeng’s heart was shaken by the words coming from Huohuo’s mouth.

“Huohuo, since he has forgotten you, you should try to forget him.”

“Yes,” Huohuo said seriously,” I’ll forget him after I help him fix his troubles. I won’t allow myself to think of him again for the rest of my life.”

No one knew that when Huohuo said this, her heart was bleeding. The beautiful pictures of their good old days kept flashing in her mind, and she was about to burst into tears. However, she held the tears back because she didn’t want Yun Luofeng to worry about her.

The City Master Estate.

At the gate, Yun Luofeng was stopped by two guards.

“No unauthorized personnel shall enter the City Master Estate.”

Huohuo raised her delicate little face, her big, glistening eyes staring at the guards.

“I came here to visit Jing Jiang!”

The two guards looked at each other with a shadow of doubt in their eyes.

Thinking for quite a while, a guard replied, “Young Master isn’t in the estate right now, but I can report to Miss Xiao.”

Miss Xiao?

Before Huohuo figured out who this Miss Xiao was, a guard had walked in to report. After a while, he came out and respectfully beckoned them in.

“Miss Xiao will let you enter.”

Huohuo tried to keep calm before slowly stepping into the courtyard.

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