Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1190 - Huohuo 's Acquaintance (6)

Chapter 1190: Huohuo ‘s Acquaintance (6)

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“Go away!”

The girl moved her red lips and her domineering voice reverberated in the mountain for a long time.

A middle-aged man, who had been napping on a tree, was suddenly awakened by this sound. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and looked curiously at Yun Luofeng.

The elders sent him to protect Yun Luofeng, but…

What was happening now? Wasn’t that Wang Mujing, Wang Yizhi’s nephew? Why did he quarrel with Yun Luofeng?

“You… you just wait!”

Wang Mujing gnashed his teeth, glared hard at Yun Luofeng and ran away, fearing that the white-clad girl would attack him again if he stayed for a little longer!

He had his uncle to back him up. We’ll see!

Seven days soon passed, and within the seven days a lot of people had left the God Burial Mountain and failed the test. Of course, some people just found a place to hide for seven days.

At the moment, in the Elders’ Office of the West Province Academy, hearing the report of the middle-aged man, the elders looked at each other in astonishment, their eyes filled with shock.

“You mean Feng ‘er has a humanoid spirit beast?” Xu Kong asked, his eyes solemn.

The middle-aged man nodded, “Yes, that’s what I saw. That spirit beast is an eight-tailed fiery fox and is quite powerful.”

The old man, who had been silent, changed his expression upon hearing it. “If Feng’er has a humanoid spirit beast, then we don’t need to worry about her safety.”

Xue Ying gave a faint smile, “Yes, but we must keep it secret. Otherwise, if those powers of the West Province hear about it, they might try to snatch this spirit beast from her!”

“Yes, Xue Ying is right,” Xu Wu nodded, “For the safety of our baby disciple, we must not leak it. Besides that, other than a humanoid spirit beast, was there anything else that happened to Feng’er?”

The middle-aged man blushed and touched the back of his head in embarrassment. “That eight-tailed fox appeared to be disappointed in a love affair and Miss Yun was trying to comfort her. I felt bored, so I took a nap. When I woke up, I saw Miss Yun and Wang Mujing quarreling.”

“Wang Mujing? Who is that?”

Ling Hai frowned. With his current status, he certainly wouldn’t remember the name of a negligible student.

The middle-aged man wiped the cold sweat from his lower forehead, “Wang Mujing is Wang Yizhi’s nephew.”

“Wang Yizhi, who is that again?” Ling Hai frowned again.

The middle-aged man sweated more and more, “Elder, Wang Yizhi is a teacher of the academy.”

“A teacher of the academy?” Ling Hai sneered, “How dare a teacher’s nephew be so presumptuous as to bully my disciple? I cherish her like my eyes and I’ll never allow those b*stards to bully her!”

Among the elders of the academy, Ling Hai was the most irascible. If he really got angry, no one could stop him.

“Elder, I didn’t see the whole process, so I don’t know whether Miss Yun was bullied or not,” the corners of the middle-aged man’s mouth twitched, “but when Wang Mujing left, I found that his hand seems to have been broken.”

However, Yun Luofeng was unscathed.

Ling Hai gave him a black look, “Do you mean my disciple bullied him? She is such a good girl, how could she bully anyone? I think Wang Mujing must have done something wrong to irritate her!”

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